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Please stay tuned as we will be back on the air soon... God Victory! Where Angels Play is still in the transitional stages of moving to Central Oregon. We are in the process of making living arrangements and getting the office setup. We have located and are finalizing a beautiful home at the base of Portia's retreat and within the auspices of the retreat of Faith. Ascended Masters, subjects on the light within all creation, the light that we all share as one. One common light of creation and the unification to that end; as the mystical body of God in Heaven and on Earth. Are you a friend of God? Then let us relate in the reasoning of the mind of God within us. We will cover an eclectic array of subjects involving the angelic technologies and the light, rays and fires of the creative force within us all.

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We are back live today! It feels good to be back at home after traveling with the ascended Masters direction to new experiences with souls of light and God direction. The Ascended Masters are alive and well and therefore All is Well... more

This is the last day of replays - on August 1st the Ascended Masters of the Great White Cloud of the Brotherhood (Great White Brotherhood) will give new resonation on the teachings and the souls journey in the homecoming and the... more

We will be back live tomorrow. This day of entering in with each other is the thread of the resonnations that will be forthcoming tomorrow. God Victory!

This is a replay from the resonation by Ascended Lady Master Magda. Magda is our beloved sister in the Ascended Master realms of all Light and also the beloved twinflame of the living breathing ascended master Jesus the Christ; our brother... more

Still traveling at the mercy of the winds of change via hotels and motel.... Ascended Master Afra whose very vibration and name is held in the continent of Africa is the choice given from the ascended masters for the return of our karmic... more

Archanel Gabriel and Holy Hope give us resonations as the understanding of the bridge of Light which is also the antahkarana of Light. We are being given the awareness of ourselves as God and the Holy Christ Light being Chrystallized... more

Today's show is form February 23 2011. Remember that you are now in the penumbra of the the twenty-third and therefore your starting to recieve the increments of karmic residue from the last twenty-six thousand six hundred... more

Today's show is a replay from February 24 2011: Melchezidek and the Three Fold Flame speak to our soul... I am traveling for the next few days and will be back live very soon. I am with you heart to heart with the Ascended Masters... more

We will spend durations of sacred space raising each other to higher dimensions of Being through resonation heart to heart. Have you traversed the fields of love that empower you to the illumination within? Have you set your course for the... more

Today the Lord Sanat Kumara came in answer to the calls of innvocation from the heart of the Temple of Innovcation and the heart of Beloved Archangel Zadkiel to reignite the spiritual flames within the twelve temples of Lemuria and... more