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Where Angels Play

Where Angels Play


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Please stay tuned as we will be back on the air soon... God Victory! Where Angels Play is still in the transitional stages of moving to Central Oregon. We are in the process of making living arrangements and getting the office setup. We have located and are finalizing a beautiful home at the base of Portia's retreat and within the auspices of the retreat of Faith. Ascended Masters, subjects on the light within all creation, the light that we all share as one. One common light of creation and the unification to that end; as the mystical body of God in Heaven and on Earth. Are you a friend of God? Then let us relate in the reasoning of the mind of God within us. We will cover an eclectic array of subjects involving the angelic technologies and the light, rays and fires of the creative force within us all.

On-Demand Episodes

We are back on the air today to complete the Maha Chohan's resonation regarding the Textures of Kindness and Courtesy that was given in Part 1 on the last show. God Bless each Heart of Light as we enter in together on the air to... more

Belovedd Children of the Divine Mother in the dawning of the Age of God returned in the recessess first of the heart and then to reposses you of your soul and spirit in the Light! We welcome you who are the overcomers of life! For you... more

Happy 23rd! It's Karma Day! A New Opportunity to BE FREE as GOD! This is a short show today where Jesus gave this meditiation through the amenuenisis. We are grateful for all of the work around the globe as the Ascended Masters... more

WE were abel to hold the space and time today to enter in with your blessed hearts of Light! I AM Grateful for your light, fire and loving Presences. The opening of the Temples and Retreat of Faith Archia and Twin-Flame of Beloved... more

Beloved Jesus and Magda appear to us today in resonation and therefore truly in likeness with and of us! Jesus gave inner teachings of his own path and that of many of us who were even with Jesus and Magda in that lifetime of his... more

Beloved Saint Germain comes in the guise of Jesus and therefore as the Holy Brother in a twist of wit and joy! To bring teachings that embellish the previous reaonations of LIght given recently by Jesus - Our Elder Brother in God Victory!... more

Jesus came in resonation of the nature of the Living Word of God withn each and every heart - in rememberance of the entering cycles of Leumuria and the teachings spread thorughout the entirty of each continent that the Living Word... more

Our beloved Brother Jesus comes to us today in resonation of the original impetus of the divine Fathers Will to move the waters of the Spirit of Self and the bringing forth the Living Word as the Divine Mother - IN the beginning so in the... more

Beloved Archangel Raphael comes as our holy brother and therefore in the guise of Saint Germain, as he stands with Portia our beloved Mother of Aquarius and Twin Flame of Saint Germain to bring us the embellishment of the previous... more