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I'm just a normal, everyday guy. I don't claim to be a professional on any particular subject. I want to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions. As well as get yours too. And if I can make a few friends along the way, well then, that's all the better.

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We've come to an age where we're sharing every little bit of our lives. Sharing with friends, family and complete strangers who have nothing to do with our lives. Why? Is it to gauge reaction? Or is it to share? We post so much of our lives on social media that, we bascially have no more privacy. Do we figure that, "Well, I have this outlet, I should use it." But does every little thing that you think or feel, have to be shared? There are people who would say "No, not really." But they are also people who do. Or just share without even thinking about it. Having an outlet to share or sharing every event in your life isn't always a good thing. So why do people do it? We'll talk about that. This week. "On-Air".
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This week, I'd like to talk about sex, and how the topic of sex isnt being discussed as broadly as some might hope. I'm talking about the disabled. All too often, when the topic of sex, relationships, etc comes up, people often don't bring up... more

Whatever industry you're in, whatever you do, there always seems to be someone who's trying to get ahead, and they'll do it by any means necessary.

All to often, someone has something to say about someone else. And nowadays it seems like people are not holding back. Everybody has their own ideas about how we should all be, but that's just not going to happen. So we should just let... more

This week "On-Air". As seen on Fox2's "Let It Rip" last weekend. Does Facebook, Social Media have an affect on divorce? With everything basically being shared and told on social media, is divorce becoming more apparent nowadays? We'll... more

This week will be a 15 minute segment discussing where I've been, some of what I've been thinking. And what I hope to see in the future of "On-Air" with Wheelze, as our 6 Year Anniversary is quickly approaching. So join us, won't you?

This week I'll have a conversation with my friend Shawn about professional wrestling. What we like, what we don't. What's good and bad about the business itself. This won't be a show where we say "Oh I think so n so should face so n... more

Every once in a while, I'll get a thought in my head, or an inspiration about some of life's little quips. The little things that come up in life everyday. This week, I'll talk a little about motivation. What motivates you to keep on keepin on. What... more

Throughout history, there have always been someone or someones who have provided an inspirational voice of reason or a reasoning in their words that people claim that they live by. This week, we'll talk about the people that we consider "a... more

This week, I don't know what will happen. lol. I'll talk for a little while. Spending sometime with you, my listeners. Oh yeah, and it's my birthday. lol We're "On-Air" this Sunday.

Usually, At the beginning of the year, we take some time and look back at the events of the past year. But why should we live in the past, especially when much of that past has been so bleak. So I, and many others say, let's not look back... more