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I'm just a normal, everyday guy. I don't claim to be a professional on any particular subject. I want to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions. As well as get yours too. And if I can make a few friends along the way, well then, that's all the better.

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This week, I want to hear your thoughts, your perceptions on sex. Join Sada and I as we discuss sex. Everyone has a different thought process on what exactly sex means. Join us for a more adult discussion., a departure from the usually topics that we tackle here on "On-Air". So join us. This week.
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Trust Funds, are they good thing or a hinderance? You know, it seems like more and more, people are being left with fortunes left by family members who have passed away. Probably the best example, or maybe the worst is, the... more

This week we'll be talking to Ruth Johnson, Assistant Director at Transportation Riders United(TRU). TRU is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and bettering public transportation in the Detroit area. We'll talk with Ms. Johnson... more

This week, my co-hosts and I, will to take a look at chivalry and ask, Is chivalry really dead? Are men still being men and not boys, and opening doors for women, pulling out chairs? Complimenting them when they look nice? Things like that.... more

This week I'll be talking to Dick Kernan. Vice President of Industry Relations at Specs Howard School of Media Arts. Mr. Kernan knows many of the ins and outs of the Television, Radio and Film industries. And the list of people that he... more

It's Five Years. This Week. "On-Air"

Are you the kind of person that knows or doesn't know when someone likes you? You don't see the signs, the hints. Nothing at all that let's you know that someone is attracted to you? This week we'll talk about the signs that someone likes... more

This is my tribute to the late, great Casey Kasem. Rest in Peace, sir.

Communication, one of the most important and effective tools that we have. And yet, are we using that tool as effiently as we should or could? Remember the days when we actually talked to each other, face to face? We don't seem to do a lot... more

If you remember, a few years ago we spoke about equality in the work place. Asking if men and women are afforded the same opportunties and the same respects. This week we'll talk about and ask, Are men and women considered... more

Do the eyes lie? Well often times they do. But what about when it comes to the opposite sex. When you come upon a man or woman that you find attractive, what is it that you notice first? Are you like me and you first notice their eyes? Or... more