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I'm just a normal, everyday guy. I don't claim to be a professional on any particular subject. I want to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions. As well as get yours too. And if I can make a few friends along the way, well then, that's all the better.

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This topic has been suggested many times in the past. So I think we should discuss it. This week, we'll be talking about our environment, and how important it is to take care of it. We'll talk about different ways that we can take action to... more

It's an honor and a privilege to have my friend Cristen Adams on the show this week. We'll be talking about his life, his career, his goals for the future, etc. Cristen is definitely a man who is going places. We'll talk to Cristen "Rocket"... more

I'm sure that most everyone is aware of the on growing situation in Egypt. Well the Egyptian government had blocked all access to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter,because they didn't want to have a growing movement or... more

We'll continue or discussion on dating.

I'm not much of a dater, to be honest. Personally I find it hard to ask women out. Because of my own insecurities or whatever. What about you? This week we'll be talking about dating. Is it easy? The do's and don'ts. And many other things... more

I don't know about you but, I had a lot of fun last week. Unfortunate some of my friends and people that I either talked about or wanted to talk about, couldn't listen to the show. And I really want them to be recognized. As well as some of the... more

I have been truly honored to have some of the greatest friends that a person could ask for. And I can't thank you all enough...but I'm going to try. This week, I'm going to put my friends in the spotlight. And all of my friends, no... more

I think just about everyones heard about the tragic shooting that took place last Saturday, at what was supposed to be a peaceful political speaking engagement in Tuscon last Saturday. A tragedy that took the lives of 6 people,... more

It's the "2010 Year in Review". We'll talk about all that happened in 2010. Including The Gulf oil spill. The 29 trapped chillian minors. etc. Who did what during the year. All of the biggest news and events of 2010. Plus a career... more

Yeah I know. You're thinking, "Oh great, a whole hour where I'm going to get ripped on. Well, if you're thinking that, then 1. That's not what we're going to do for the whole hour. and/or 2. You're feeling guilty about something. In the very... more