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I'm just a normal, everyday guy. I don't claim to be a professional on any particular subject. I want to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions. As well as get yours too. And if I can make a few friends along the way, well then, that's all the better.

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Congreatulations "On-Air" and Wheelze Internet Radio for remaining on the air for 7 years. Let's celebrate. :-)

About 7 years ago, I brought the subject of Traveling, where would you like to go. This week, I would like to revisit that, and talk about all of the places that you would like to go, or that you have been to. You know, the more that I'm... more

We all have those days. Frustration, anger, rage, confusion, sadness. Life is going to happen whatever the mood that you're in. We have our times. But try to find the positive, the happiness. Try to find your bright spot in what you may believe is a... more

This year I reached out to different agencies and organization who help people with disabilities live progressive lives. I asked them if I could come to their office and speak to individuals whom they support, and talk to them about my life and... more

"Just Be You". So many of us try to be ourselves. But in a world so full of judgement, ignorance, and people who just don't know how to choose their words and moments carefully. Just be you. Remember, those who mind don't matter,... more

This week we'll take some time out to remember an icon in music and in life. Prince. And we'll also talk about Pettiness, Petty disagreements, arguments? Haven't we gotten past that? And, how old are some of us? This week. "On-Air".

Every now and then we look inside ourselves. Asking who am I? What am I doing? What do I want to do?

This week, we'll talk a little about the recent uproar, yes it's apparently an uproar. regarding the racial diversity or alleged bias of actors and actresses nominated for Oscars this year. There are some who say that too many white actors and... more

This week, I'd like to discuss the terrible attacks on the city of Paris.