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What's Going On? WGO is here to encourage the use of the 3rd eye in developing higher critical thinking skills, initiating a Paradigm Shift and making the

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Pedophilia has been declared an mental illnes. So how safe are our children in the Foster Care systems, the churches, mosques, temples and child care centers. We cannot sweep this issue under the rug especially considering how many... more

Please join Vanessa QueenTahiyrah Sparks (Cincinnati) , Bother Charles McMillian (Indianapolis) and Star Bwoy (Houston) honor-rebels, where we will be discussing practical magic/psychological warfare. How can we as African... more

Tonight on Sign of the Times we will be discussing pediphelia and the effects it is and has on the community. Please join us for this important dialogue. Let's take this out of the closet and deal with it. Call 347-857-1759 to join us or to listen in.

Tonight is Listen & Lern Thursday............ Check out what Sunni Patterson & Malcom X bring to the table.

SigN o The TimEs w Queen Tahiyrah Chapter 3 from Michelle Alexander New Jim Crow

We will begin tonight's broadcast w the conversation between 2Pac Shakur and Brother Sanyika Shakur, born Kody Scott in South Central, Los Angeles, California, November 1963, from 1995 so we can hear first hand what the... more

Dr. James Thomas Jones III James Thomas Jones III received his B.A. in African-American and African Studies (AAAS), M.A. degrees in AAAS and History, and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, teaches the United States history... more

Tonight is OPEN MIKE FriNIGHT! WHAT'S GOING ON??? You tell us.... We are here to listen and support you. Please call 347-857-1759 at 6:30PM EST Sponsored by the United African Coalition for Justice & Human Rights and... more

OPEN FORUM FRIDAY DISCUSSION ON 98 NUMBER AND PRIVATE TRUST RULES TO THE GAME 1.) THERE IS NO MONEY- There is no Consitutionally sanctioned money for the Republic as ennumerated in Article I Section 10 of... more

This is a rebroadcast of the High Frequency Radio Show originally broadcast on RULES OF THE GAME Yusef El and Brother Isa. With their special guest Stan the White Man. Stan has a very important message for the Black... more