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HAIL ERIS! Discordian radio covering many topics Broadcasting from the Tesla Institute for the Advanced Study of Discordian Dialectics. WTF covers everything from Mysticism, to Conspiracy Theory, Cooking, Comics, and that old bastard down the street who waters his lawn in boxer shorts. TUNE IN, CALL IN, EMBRACE THE CHAOS!

On-Demand Episodes

HAIL ERIS Tonight Prof. Anthrax co-hosts again!! Topics include: Cowford Steampunk Society Gaming whatever else comes up..

Pyrates, Gamin, a new guest co-host, and THE single most Gay song EVER made!!!

THE CONSPIRACY EPISODE: Topics included: The Annunaki Lizard shapeshifters, The Illuminatti, Worshiping Owls, David Icke, and and a whole LT of rum!

4TH of July Celebration!! The Timelord is VERY SICK!, Lots of wacky randomness,and BOOZE-AHOL!!

TOPICS: Michael Jackson Tribute & Cannonization! Special Guest: Aleistar Crowley Discordian Pranks Why "work" sucks And LOTS more

SPECIAL GUEST CO-HOST! Topics: Why Discordianism? Iran, FREE PALESTINE, Undershirts, sox, & the Lurker in the Laundry, And more fun than a blind man at an all you can feel burlesque show!!

Tonight's topics include: Straight Razor Shaving, Star Trek the animated series, Cannon or not, A hairy gay man calls in, The history of Ramen, And more fun than Wilbur Whateley summoning Yog Sothoth on top of Sentinal Hill!!

TOPICS THIS WEEK: • Paranormal Exps & Ghosts • STAR TREK, The new film • Hookah Giveaway (hey we've been accused of solely pushing HG, soo that's what we're gonna do!) • What to look for in a comic/gaming shop •... more

• Weekly Geek News • ALL HAIL THE MAN-PLATTER • Interview with the Go Cat Go Burlesque Girls • Ghost theories & paranormal exps. • What's going on in the Hookah Community world? • Making perfect Chapatis • Mini Megacon •... more

Topics Included: *Free Comic Day Stories *Visulization & Manifestation * Comics / Geek Talk *Panties *Toxica Acid *New flavours of shisha