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Whats Important Now

What's Important Now


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Christian talk radio that focuses on the issues of our day.

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On April 30, 1789, George Washington stood in New York City becoming the President of the United States. Standing at Federal Hall he placed his hand on an open Bible and took the oath of office. That Bible was opened to... more

On this program Tom, concludes the three part series, God Bless the USA. He continues to look at the consquences of removing God from public life in America. Prior to 1962, a simple prayer was recited in our public schools that focused on... more

On this program, Tom, continues to examine America's true heritage. The foundation of our country is Christian and Tom wastes no time in explaining how America has been in decline since the case Engel v. Vitale of 1962. That case... more

On this program, Tom, celebrates the birth of America by examining our true heritage. The foundations of our country are Christian and on this What's Important Program Tom provides clear evidence that our founders believed... more

Our homes are a training camp. What you are today, your children will be in 20 years. Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it." Tom discusses how children are being forced to grow... more

Tom Sears talks about how God is calling all of us into deeper waters to experience a deeper intimacy. This What's Important Now radio program is one that every Christian should listen to. Times are changing. The world needs the... more

On this program, Tom Sears, examines the early church to understand what God is calling the modern day church to. God is calling us to a repeat or sequel of the early church. Listen to this program to be encouraged to take part in what... more

Join Tom Sears on this week's edition of What's Important Now. On this program Tom speaks from the heart about America's need for Jesus. He calls out the church and challenges them to be the church that Jesus Christ has called. He... more

Join us this week on What's Important Now as Tom Sears continues his discussion on the drug epidemic in our nation. Guests that have been on the front line of this issue will join us on the program. Our families are being... more

In this week's message of the Word Tom Sears wraps up the series, Look To The Stars. In this final message in the series Tom talks abouts dreams. So many have given up on their God-given dreams. Our God is a big God and can do the... more