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What Ev Radio

In The Mood For Poetry

  • by What Ev Radio
Tonights show is has me inspired to share my own work with you. I have done a bit of writing over the years and never really had a venue in which to share it. You don't just walk up to someone and say' "Hey! Listen to my poetry...now!!!" LoL!!... more

You even see someone that looks older than they are? or even people who act younger than they seem? Well there is a big difference between being old and getting old...

Well Valentine's Day just came and went! I notice that on this occasion people try to hook up with with someone at the expense of not being alone for that day...listen, don't compromise. You could be stuck with something you really... more

I am no stranger to it, but have you noticed that we have been getting validation from a TV with a keyboard???
What Ev Radio

All Hands Off Deck

  • by What Ev Radio
I wanted to formally apologize to the technical difficulties and delays experienced during this evening's episode. Seems as though the internet connection was EXTREMELY slowed down, causing the delay in being able to load songs and... more

{{{TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES}}}} There is a few minutes pause between the first song and intro... Situations have occurred leaving me to have to bring up the subject of the old advice "Keep Your Hands To Yourself." Music? But of course!... more

Have you ever been somewhere and noticed "That Girl"? You know, the one everyone saw, but no one knows her name? Today's topic is all about "That Girl"
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