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What Do You Want?


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An exploration of aligning your energy and life on what you want and open yourself to receiving all that you create and live the life that you want.

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Have you heard of this little ditty when you were a little kid? Did you sing it? Well did you know that it is a great reminder of how to create what you want in your life. We're talking about it this week. I was reminded about that recently in the... more

So here we are a few days from the beginning of Spring and I am in the spring cleaning mode. How about you? What happens when you do your spring cleaning? For me I go through closets and get rid of stuff. Clean out drawers... more

OK, so spring has sprung. Or maybe not, but here in LA things are blooming and changing and growing, so my question to you today is what are you planting in your garden of wants and desires? What are you growing this season? Think... more

Do you ever feel that you are an imposter in your life? I know I have so many times and it is an interesting fact that others I have spoken with over the years feel the same way. So today we are going to talk about it and how it affects... more

Hello everyone, Well today we are going to talk about themes that are playing in our lives and how that affects how we create our lives. Sounds like fun, right? Well follow along and see where and what themes are playing out in your life.... more

Today we are talking about visioning and what you are seeing and how seeing what it is you want in your life adds to the conscious creation of a new life. What is more fun than that? Join in on the fun. Love, Light and Laughter, Michael

So do you believe in miracles? Real miracles that can happen to you? Tune in and find out what the whole world of miracles can be about for you and creating the kind of life you want to live. Its going to be an interesting discussion.... more

Welcome to February. Wow, it was like it was New Years Day and I was watching the Rose Parade yesterday. Incredible, but the energy is sweeping us up and moving us along, so we might was well go with it. Today I am going to talk... more

I feel free today. How about you? If not then maybe you're not being you. What does that all mean? Well that's what we are going to be talking about today. How to be just you! Join me and add to the fun either online by calling in or in... more

So here we are 3 weeks into 2015 and I am talking all about celebrating yourself. How many times do you do that? If you don't then maybe you need to listen in on todays show, since it is really an intrgral part of the whole creation formula. How... more