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I have been gone, elsewhere, on the 'interwebs'. Actually, I have a show on another network. I just want all you to know I am still around.

Just a little something to remind people I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still around, just on 'another network'.

If you haven't been out and about in your neighborhood, you might want to go and check to see what's happening. The TSA is out on the highways, with bullet proof booths. We live in a North America Union. The ATF, along with the... more

Just a little something to remind everyone what I have been up to and why I am not here as much as before. Free America Radio is just that. FREE! Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Expression! FREEDOM from any and all forms of tyranny!... more

Just me and my co-host chatting about what's happening where we live. Come join us!

Come Join Us! Paranormal Explorer! Have you had experiences that have left you scratching your head? Have you seen shadows on the walls? Come discuss that with us. Wednesday 7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern.

Ghosts. Halloween. Dragons. Where did all that come from? Facts - Conspiracy Theories versus Facts. More to Come. Check us out. TWO HOUR SPECIAL! TONIGHT! Come and join me, if you can. 9 PM Pacific/12 Midnight Eastern.

TONIGHT on Paranormal Explorer 'Superstitions' What are they? 'Could what we know as ghosts be another life form?' 'Energy Beings: We are limitless spiritual beings' Books: What have you read? Television: What shows do you or don't you... more

Things that go bump in the night. The cold chills on your arms and on the back of your neck. The eerie feelings you get in certain places. You get the feeling something is watching you. Night Watch Radio The stories of the old haunted... more