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The Smithfix - "The American Muslim Question"

  • Broadcast in Politics



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Patriot?  Aware?  Informed?  Sheople ?  Bigot?  What are you and what am I?

  You are one of the “Awakened”. You are so frustrated that Americans will just accept what they are told, that “The War On Terror” with its loss of our liberties is necessary because there is “The Threat”.

  But what is “The Threat”?

  For the Left it is the Bible thumping, Gun Toting, Gay Bashing, Immigrant, Black, and Hispanic hating fundamentalist Christian, and the “Radical Muslim”.

  For the Christian right it is the Gun Grabbing, Fourth Amendment Violating, Constitution Shredding Moral degenerates, and “Muslims”; all Muslims.

   I have been accused of being “Un-American”, a “Muslim Sympathizer” and of being a “Tool” for having the nerve to have a Muslim on my channel.

   It has become amusing to me to see “Patriotic Christian Americans” tell me what Muslims believe, but be offended that I would ask a Muslim what he believes.

  On this edition of “The Smithfix” we welcome Isa Hodge. Isa is an American Muslim and Activist, He was an Organizer of the mis-named “Million Muslim March” (The March Against Fear), has appeared on all the major networks and has a Blog Talk Radio Show, “A Muslim and a Catholic Wake up in ‘Merica”.

If you think you “know” about Islam and Muslims, you may be surprised. Come out from behind the “Keyboard Kamoflage” and speak your mind. All are welcome, you have a voice- use it.