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Are We Really "We The People"?

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Who are, “We The People?”

When we think about America and who we are as a nation do we take each person on their own merits or do we accept only those who we perceive to be like us?

Divide and conquer is a strategy as old as the Roman Empire and we are most certainly divided.

Divided by Race, Religion, Nationality, and Sexual Preference. Even the “Liberty Movement” has divides and factions; all working, supposedly, to the same goals of personal liberty- at least that is the lip service given.

“We The People” no longer have the luxury of prejudice, bigotry and divisions of these kinds. These divisions are being exploited by those who have looted our national wealth, destroyed our schools, forced poison in our water, regulated small business into near non-existence, confiscated and put out of reach the natural resources of the nation, demonize individual thought, and will be kicking in doors to confiscate our firearms. These are the people who False Flag us, control the media, fund the very groups they then use to vilify our fellow Americans. Beware! Chains and death know no Race, Color or Creed. They fit all equally.

Come with me as I step back and try to look at the ‘Big Picture’ and ask “Cui Bono”, who benefits.

Let us ask hard question of ourselves and find the truth, who are "We The People"?