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Wellness Nutrition Concepts helps busy moms feel fab through food. We work with busy moms who struggle with losing weight and feeling tired and would like to achieve permanent weight loss, increased self-confidence and energy levels. What separates our services from other dietitians is that we work with busy moms and specialize in Permanent Weight Loss. Because of this our clients get results by following a proven step by step customized nutrition plan that allows them to attain fuller health. As a result, our clients feel fabulous, energized and renewed through food in 6 weeks. Ashvini Mashru, MA, RD, LDN is the owner and founder of Wellness Nutrition Concepts, LLC. She is a Registered Dietitian, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and a Wellcoaches - Certified Wellcoach. She has successfully helped several moms reach their health and wellness goals. Ashvini holds a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Immaculata University, Immaculata, Pennsylvania and also completed a dietetic internship. She is an accredited member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Dietetic Associations and a member of various dietetic practice groups. She also completed her Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from Commission on Dietetic Registration. She is an ACE- Certified Personal Trainer and a Wellcoaches- Certified Wellcoach and specializes in weight loss and weight management. Through her Wellness Nutrition Concepts business, Ashvini provides customized health and lifestyle solutions to discover a way to nourish yourself and your body that specifically works for you. She employs a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. She will work with you to discover how different parts of your life affect your health. She will not give you a list of "good foods" and "bad foods". Instead, you will learn to empower yourself to create a happy and healthy lifestyle that fits your needs, one that is flexible and rewarding

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Many people have found success eliminating carbs to lose weight, but ditching bread, pasta and cooked whole grains means missing out on valuable vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but since a person can't and shouldn't sustain a carb-free diet forever, you'll most likely gain the weight back once you reintroduce these forbidden foods. While skipping out on white flour is a good idea, here are a few reasons to go ahead and enjoy complex carbs like brown rice, whole wheat bread. Tune in 2/11 at noon ET to find out.
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