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Are you tired of feeling tired? If the answer is yes, then the solution to your problem doesn¹t simply lie in getting more shut-eye. At this tele-lunch & learn expect to discover how a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper stress management are your best allies in the fight against fatigue.
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with Sara Fragoso Are you interested in eating the foods that our bodies are intended to eat, but have no clue where to begin? Eating paleo refers to eating as our ancestors once did, prior to modern day agriculture. We are genetically... more

It's not often that we see the link between stress and anger. However, the reality is that people that struggle with anger do feel stress and vice versa. Understanding how to manage ones stress can actually lessen the possibility of... more

Are our kids a product of their environment? Growing up in a busy world today sometimes takes us away from spending more time with our families. Parents who both work are stretched to spend more quality time with their children.... more

Many argue that addiction is a choice; that addicts choose to use alcohol and drugs. Yet, when we look at the lives of those individuals who have been enslaved by addiction, we begin to see the insidiousness of the disease. It... more

Find out how eliminating harmful foods from your diet and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs will jumpstart the body's natural ability to heal itself, enabling you to restore and maintain optimal health.

with Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Where's your mind at these days? Is it clear and focused or hazy and overwhelmed by stress? Plan to attend this month's tele-lunch & learn with Dr. Ed Weiss, who will help you gauge your current state of mental health.

There's a lot going on in that gut of yours and it has a big impact on how well you feel physically. This month's tele-lunch & learn explores enzymes, probiotics, and other elements of good digestive health and serves up easy-to-digest tips... more

Though stress is unavoidable, it doesn't have to take over your life. Once you acknowledge how stress is related to a need for control and consistency, there are many ways you can begin to reduce and relieve it. Plan to attend... more

Fear is your most primal emotion, designed to keep you safe from harm. Yet it can also hold you back from achieving your dreams. Attend this month's tele-lunch & learn with motivational speaker Gregory Schroeder to find out how... more