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April 8 Show How to Have Health and Wellness without Medication Has Been Canceled

  • by WellnessExperience
Greetings BlogTalk Listeners,Our show tonight has been canceled because our guest had an emergency come up. We will reschedule this show at a later date. Thank you for your support. Join us on next Thursday at 7:00 pm (est).

Are your worried? Have you solved anything by worrying? Why do you worry is it an addiction or just something to do? These are some of the questions we will discuss with my guest Ocean Palmer author of Managing the Worry Circle. Join... more

Do you really want to improve your life and your relationship with others? DO you want to manifest absolute good in your life? Do you want to bring forth health, happiness and prosperity? Join me and my guest Marcia Nicholson, author of... more

Epsom salt has some amazing health benefits. It's considered a a miracle cure, helping to get rid of splinters and reduce swelling of sprains and bruises. Would you believe that good old Epsom Salt a main stay "Home remedy" still has the... more

Have you ever wondered why SUCCESS has not knocked at your door lately? Do you know what are the four "P's" you need so you can have SUCCESS in your life? Join me and my guest Jeffrey Gitterman, author of Beyond Success and... more

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is a cost effective approach to health care and wellness? Congress is debating health care reform issues based on cost effectiveness. If there is a portion of the population... more

We all have a life we envision. Within each of us is a life full of joy, success and passion. Your passion can change the world—but only when you make the choice to take action. Join me and my two special guest who have learned How... more

The many major health illness and concerns we face to day are a result of lack of accessible and affordable healthcare services. This is a major topic of discussion that centers around the Healthcare Reform bill. The fact that your health and... more

Are you preparing your children to have a better financial life than you and your parents? Wouldn't it be nice if your children were able to save,earn and invest money before they become adults? Would you like to know how to inspire and... more

Has life put a detour along your life path? Experienced a serious lost of family friend or suffering a body illness that has you riding a shaky rollercoaster. The reality is "It's A Life Lesson" that is needed to begin the healing process in your... more
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