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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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It's summer time! We are outside in the sun and getting our vitamin D, or so we think. Often we slather on gobs of chemically laden sunblock to protect ourselves from getting burned. Our bodies do not absorb Vitamin D if the suns rays do not... more

Yes, your health matters to your kids. Today kids are overweight and obese. I see them drinking energy drinks, eating chips, sugar coated sugar candy, dessert for breakfast and not moving enough. Where are they getting this from? They learn... more

We riddle ourselves with tons of toxins from the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat. These toxins tend to settle in our gut and destroy our good gut flora. Also the overuse of antibitoics in factory farmed animals and medicines... more

It Marathon season! Boston is coming up and many, many other spring marathons. How you taper the final three weeks before your race will determine how well you do! Get the absolute best tips for those three weeks by tuning... more

Whether you've had a long lay off or never exercised before you need to start somewhere. Learn the top tips on how to get back in the game, avoid injury and progress to the best you can be. You may not be able to start out in "Beast... more

A recent study shows that 15% of toddlers in Boston consume coffee on a daily basis. The verdict is not yet in on how healthy caffeine is. Some feel that it's okay in certain amounts for adults, but what about kids? Not just kids but ages 2... more

Low T, you've heard about it. Probably seen commercials for treatment, even at the gym! Low T is a lack of testosterone and can cause problems not just in your sex life but daily life as well. Testoserone helps: Maintain reproductive tissues... more

Many people experience injuries while working out. It happens from improper form, over training or simple accident. Sometimes this can derail a fitness program and keep you from your goals. But it doesn't have to. Not all injuries will... more

Man oh man, you've heard it all before. Take this pill and lose weight! Wrap yourself in this and shrink your mid-section. Drink this, swallow that. Do you feel like Alice down the rabbit hole? How do you know what product to trust, what... more

You may have heard my previous broadcast about foods banned in other countries. Most of those foods were in fast food items, but what about the foods your bring home? The fruit snacks "made with real fruit juice", the cereals with... more