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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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We answer questions like: How much should I eat? Which carbs are bad carbs? Which fats are bad fats? How often should I workout? How do I reduce belly fat? What is the best exercises for weight loss? Which diet is best? I do everything... more

We've been told to keep our minds active in order to prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Some research shows that being physically active may actually be even more beneficial for warding off and preventing this frightening illness. Learn how... more

The World Health Organization just released the findings of a culmination of studies and told us that bacon and processed meats are can cause cancer. You may have also read that bacon is just as bad for you as smoking? If you haven't... more

I get this question every time I speak and I'm going to answer it for you, record it and post it to social media all the time. What should you eat if you workout in the morning? How about at night? Can I eat right before a workout/run? What if I'm... more

Some research states that exercising in the morning burns more fat. Other research shows that it doesn't matter? So when is the best time to workout? Morning? Midday? Afternoon or evening? Does it really matter? We will... more

Chronic pain sucks! You spend every day dreading getting out of bed to go to a job you hate or even a job you used to love before everything hurt. What if I told you how you eat can affect how you feel each morning when you get out of... more

Today Americans work more hours than any other industrialized society in the world. The goal is to obtain as much money as possible for retirement, but 80% of Americans at retirement age have 2-3 chronic illnesses that they are paying to... more

Learn how to reduce that stubborn lower abdominal body fat. It can be a challenge to lose that last 5lbs of lower abdominal belly fat. Tune in to learn the best ways to reduce your body fat percentage and rid yourself of that dunlap! It... more

The most effective and efficient workout is a one that involves proper form. Every day we as Fitness Professionals see our members performing exercises with incorect form. This ends up targeting the wrong muscles and can lead to... more

Exercise that's fun is usually the best route to losing weight and staying healthy. Many look at Zumba and say, "Yeah, that looks like fun. Let's do it!" But there are some downsides to Zumba that you should know about. Find out what... more