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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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Every day people do countless crunches, run on the treadmill and drink protein shakes because that's what those people on TV do and they look great! Many people try for months to no avail and then give up on their routine all together.... more

80% of what you spend on healthcare you spend in the last 10 years of your life. When you should be out traveling the world you are paying medical bills and hoping that you have enough to last you till the end of your life! Many people say... more

Cleanses, detoxes, pills, powders, juices, fasting and starvation diets are everywhere! There is so much to choose from with so many people selling so many different things. How are you supposed to know what's best to use?... more

Confused about protein powder? Not sure what to look for? Let me help you find the best protein powder for post workout recovery. I will also be sharing some of my own recipes for protein brownies both raw and cooked, coconut protein... more

Wait, what? How can my gym be keeping me fat? I exercise and eat from the cafe: salads, protein shakes and protein bars. Look, if you've been going to the gym since January and only lost five pounds it just may be some trickery... more

You've heard me talk about circuit training, you've heard me talk about all the videos and get slim fast programs. Well new it's time for something new! The fitness industry changes all the time to keep people interested. If you are bored... more

So the verdict is in: eating meat at the rate we do in America is depleting resources and polluting others. The natural response would be, "Well we need to change our processes and eat less meat." Well scientists are taking half of this... more

Learn the health and medicinal values of turmeric - the Indian cooking spice, spirulina - from the sea and holy basil - from the earth. From reducing inflammation to fighting cancer these three items are something every... more

Have you been running and running and have stopped losing weight? Find out why and how to adjust your running to get back to seeing results. Learn how interval running and hill runs will spark your metabolism again. Get the greatest... more

Is your kid's school lunch healthy? Many school lunch items contain "questionable" ingredients such as: trans fat, massive amounts of salt, chemicals and GMOs. Find out what to look for and how to help your kids make healthier... more