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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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That time of the year is coming up. Resolution time! Many, possibly including yourself, are gearing up to hit the gym. 37% of Americans commit to losing weight each year and 8% of them succeed. Just 1% reach their goals on their own.... more

From food dyes to pesticides, there is tons of junk in your water and it could be destroying your health. Find out exactly what is in your water and what you can do about it. One particular item will shock you but there are solutions. Tune in to... more

I will be discussing what role professional athletes play in the the lives of people, espically children. As kids and even adults look up to these athletes as elite human beings what doesn their off-field antics do to their reputation and the... more

Did you compete this year? 5k, 10k, half/full marathon or even an Ironman? Now that the New York Marathon is over it is the official "off season" in the U.S. for endurance athletes. So what do you do in the off season? Do you still run or hit... more

From prostate health to testosterone production, men should be eating not just pumpkin seeds but pumpkin in general. Now is the time of the year, with carved pumpkins, pumpkin pie and more. It's in season and the season to fix your... more

Very popular in 2014 and it is staying hot for 2015. Find out why this type of workout is so popular, so effective and expected to continue to soar into next year. Find how many different programs are out there and which ones are the... more

More and more professional athletes are turning to banned substances in their sports regardless of consequences. The benefit is increased performance and bigger paychecks. The consequences are multi-game suspensions and... more

Every day people do countless crunches, run on the treadmill and drink protein shakes because that's what those people on TV do and they look great! Many people try for months to no avail and then give up on their routine all together.... more

80% of what you spend on healthcare you spend in the last 10 years of your life. When you should be out traveling the world you are paying medical bills and hoping that you have enough to last you till the end of your life! Many people say... more

Cleanses, detoxes, pills, powders, juices, fasting and starvation diets are everywhere! There is so much to choose from with so many people selling so many different things. How are you supposed to know what's best to use?... more