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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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Too often I hear people say, "I wish I could do that, but this damn arthritis!" Many people still believe that once you have arthritis that you shouldn't use those joints as much. So if you have a squeaky door hinge do you not use that door again? No, you fix! Sure maybe you can't do box jumps or start running right away but you have to begin somewhere. Learn how certain foods and exercise can help reduce and relieve joint pain and get you living again!
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When you increase your exercise you need to increase your quantity and quality of protein. While it may not be as much as the USDA recommends you need to still make sure you are getting enough to aid in muscle recovery and... more

Some of the top reason's people don't lose weight are: time management, lack of knowledge and committment. I said some of the top reasons. But none of them are the top reason why so many people that set out to lose weight fail. 91% of... more

Our make up show from yesterday will cover the myth that you can eat whatever you want because you are working out. Jason will take that myth, break it down and drop kick it into the trash can. Learn what you need know about how the... more

If your new years resolution is to run your first race ever you may want to tune in here on Wednesday at 3pm CST. Jason will discuss how to train, how to avoid injury, how to eat and what to expect on race day. Running requires more than... more

Nothing derails your fitness or weight loss plan like an injury. Most New Year's resolutions fail due to an injury sustained from overuse. This is often caused by jumping too fast into higher levels of exercise. Learn how to ease into your... more

There's a 1 in 3 chance that you are planning a weight loss or fitness resolution for next 2016. This likely means you are looking at joining a gym on January 1st or 2nd. But did you know that some gyms hope that you sign up and... more

Do you do 100 crunches a day? 500? 1000? Do you even need to? Probably not but you've read over and over that to build a strong core you need to work your ab muscles. While this is true 300 sit ups a day will not necessarily give you... more

In just a few weeks 38% of resolutioners are going to start their weight loss goals. Some will join a gym, some will go on a "diet" and some will turn to quick fixes and miracle pills. Belly shrinkers, abdominal rollers, raspberry ketones and so... more

There are countless weight loss tips that people follow that are complete fabrications or that use false science. Learn which tips are true and which are false as you head into resolution season. Can you lose weight and... more

Every year the average American gains 4lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years. I'll give you my top tips how to avoid the weight gain and start your new year off without the extra weight. I'll provide tips on exercise routines and how... more