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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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Many people experience injuries while working out. It happens from improper form, over training or simple accident. Sometimes this can derail a fitness program and keep you from your goals. But it doesn't have to. Not all injuries will... more

Man oh man, you've heard it all before. Take this pill and lose weight! Wrap yourself in this and shrink your mid-section. Drink this, swallow that. Do you feel like Alice down the rabbit hole? How do you know what product to trust, what... more

Do you have a smart phone? Ipad? Ipod? How about a Facebook account? Twitter? Instagram? Pintrest? The world of health and fitness has gone digital and mobile. You just have to know where to look. I will give you the best places,... more

From food dyes to pesticides, there is tons of junk in your water and it could be destroying your health. Find out exactly what is in your water and what you can do about it. One particular item will shock you but there are solutions. Tune in to... more

Do you want to be a good cyclist or a great one? Learn the best way to train your body for the bicycle, whether you are a cyclist or triathlete. Learn the number one common misconception that separates the good cyclists from the great ones! I... more

Many women struggle with cellulite around their thigh and butt area. Many women spend hours walking on stairs, squating, leg lifts and killing themselves to get rid of it to no avail. Learn why exercise alone isn't enough and what you need to... more

Every day we struggle to eat healthy, but still American's eat an average of 130lbs of sugar a year per person. This increase in sugar has lead to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Many times we think we are eating healthy but let me tell... more

It's flu season and this year has been the worst in quite some time. And on top of it the CDC has admitted that the current flu vaccine is only about 50% effective. Learn all the different ways you can boost your immune system naturally through... more

So many people start out well intended at the beginning of each year towards a weight loss goal. But so many people fail. Why? Failure to plan is planning to fail. This year you will succeed! Learn how to set SMART goals for your New Year's... more

That time of the year is coming up. Resolution time! Many, possibly including yourself, are gearing up to hit the gym. 37% of Americans commit to losing weight each year and 8% of them succeed. Just 1% reach their goals on their own.... more