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Helping people create healthy lifestyles. Covering topics from running to meditation, toxins in your water to healthy food in your body, injury prevention, illness prevention and weight loss.

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You work so hard in the gym! You spend hours each week sweating and torturing yourself. You see the first 5 or 10lbs drop like nothing. And then you get stuck! Or maybe you just aren't seeing the results at all. Listen in as Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Jason Venckus, discusses three common habits that keep you from hitting your goals both in the gym and outside of the gym. Learn the 3 biggest reasons people are not meeting their goals and what you can do to fix it.
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More and more people are joining the fitness revolution each year. With so many programs and gym types it's very easy to find somewhere to work out and a program to follow. But what are you goals and how do you know if your workout... more

Did you know your poop says a lot about your health? Not only it's consistency but it's frequency. I mean think about it, when you take your dog to the vet the first thing they ask for is a stool sample. Tune in to find out why and what it means if... more

What's more important: money or your kid's health? Well to the soda and juice companies it's always profit. Learn how the business model for companies like Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola include purposefully marketing to kids. They use the... more

Our bodies are over 70% water and we've been told that we need to drink water, especially when it's hot! Join health coach, Jason Venckus on Friday at 10:30am central time as he discussed 3 tips on how to eat for hydration too! Not all of... more

We've always tried to set PRs and impress our friends with, "I can do 1000 reps of X!" But do the reps matter as much as the amount of time spent with your muscles under tension? We often lift quick to get max reps and even though it... more

We've been eating since we were kids. We are told that it packs in the protein that we need for daily life. But is it really good for us? Health coach Jason Venckus will discuss whether or not peanut butter is a healthy snack or just full of fat. If... more

The rules and regulations for drug testing among athletes is becoming more rigid and athletes are turning to more natural ways to boost performance. Athletes are using old school exercise routines and healthy eating. You are now seeing... more

One of the latest trends in health is juicing. You've seen many celebrities pushing this lifestyle and pushing some extraction machine. How much truth is there that this trend is the fountain of youth? Certified Health Coach, Jason Venckus, will... more

We don't subscribe to the idea that you can skip eating food and just take supplements but in some cases certain vitamins need to be supplemented to an already healthy diet. One major concern for vegans is that they don't get B-12... more

Every move we make we put stress on our joints. Whether walking, running, jumping and even just sitting we put tremendous stress on the joints of our bodies. We are often asked if runners/walkers still need to do any strength... more