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Come join us as we talk about adult topics from sex, life, and current news. We will give you our honest opinions and facts that will make you laugh, think, and bring a positive impact on your life. Our panel consists of two lovely ladies and two men who are ready to tell it like it is and keep it real.

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The New Philosophical Ron Gee Question of the Week - This one will be hot topic. News Topic: Cops want to boycott the Beyoncé's Formation tour and not provide security, but Farrakhan steps up and states that he will provide... more

Philosophical Ron Gee's Question of Week: News Topic: Black Activist shoots himself in the front of Ohio Statehouse; did he get his point across? Kayne West has a meltdown on SNL, what happen? Tomi Lahren attacks Beyoncé,... more

Question of Week - Tune in at the beginning of the show to see what the question of the week is. News Topics 1.Eritrea government forces men to marry at least two wives or face imprisonment due to men shortage. 2.Florida woman posted... more

In The News: Oscars Black Out! Black actors boycotting the Oscars, do they have a point? Mount Sinai doctor ejaculated on woman's face while being heavily medicated on morphine. Pastor convicted for pimping homeless drug addicts... more

In The News: Gunman shoots Philadelphia police office in the name of Islam 11 times with a stolen police officer's gun and survived. Brian Encinia who arrested Sandra Bland is finally indicted but still gets paid, SMDH!!! Governor of Maine... more

In The News: NBA player John Henson tried to buy a Rolex at a jewelry store and they called the cops on him, racial profiling at it's finesse Entire Florida police department busted for laundering millions for international drug cartels. Woman... more

In the News: Steve Harvey fucked up in the MS. Universe pageant, was this staged? ISIS vs Drug Cartel. It's own like Donkey Kong No indictment in the Tamir Rice case, was the Grand Jury right. Main Topic: Should weed be made legal... more

In the news: Oklahoma City police Daniel Hotlzclaw found guilty for raping 14 times and start crying like baby. Atlanta Man found dead in the California Desert with organs missing, what really happen that night? Woman stabs boyfriend 5... more

In The News: Newark woman has sex with a dead corpse - Find out why. Police union post 1.5 million dollar bail for the police that shot and killed Laquan McDonald Lady arrested for sharing her 4 dollar breakfast buffet Main Topic of... more