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Phytic Acid & Antinutrients – Life Promoting or Early Death?

  • Broadcast in Nutrition
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We all know what a nutrient is, right? But have you ever heard of antinutrients? Do you know what they do in the body? Should you even care? What’s the big deal anyway?

There is a famous quote by Ann Wigmore that goes: “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” ... and in most cases that is correct. However, in some instances, it’s simply not that straight forward. Sometimes, certain foods can be a double edged sword.

In this show, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will delve into this world of antinutrients and share with you both sides of these obscure and controversial (anti)nutrients!

  • Phytic Acid And Other Antinutrients
  • What’s An Antinutrient?
  • Foods That Contain Antinutrients
  • Potential Problems With Phytic Acid
    • Cancer
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Kidney Stones
    • Insulin Resistance
    • Hemochromatosis
    • Leaky Gut
    • Phytic Acid’s Effect On Bone & Tooth Health
  • Potential Benefits Of Phytic Acid
  • Phytic Acid’s Preventative Properties
  • How To Reduce The Anti-Nutrient Effects Of Phytic Acid In Foods
    • Heat
    • Processing
    • Soaking
    • Fermenting
    • Sprouting

And much, much more!

So be sure to tune into another very interesting 30 minutes!

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