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The We Built That Network.com was founded by two guys and a girl — all tireless advocates for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Featuring four fabulous shows produced by passionate, liberty-minded hosts, the WBTN network is dedicated to restoring the foundation, reigniting the passion and reviving the exceptionalism. And yes Mr. President, we built that!

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Supreme Sense with 1SupremeGoddess = Net, Leaders, Wannabes & Perceptions ..... Monday night, 3/2/2015 at 7:30pm Eastern .... While we were all fussed up about yet MORE distracting government shutdown "the sky is falling"... more

Join me & my insightful co-hosts, @1Anobody & @NukNeutron , tonight, Monday=2/23/2015 at 7:30pm EST for on Supreme Sense with 1SupremeGoddess = Slight of Hand & Grand Deceptions My esteemed... more

America - Love it or Leave it! http://www.examiner.com/article/america-love-it-or-leave-it Whatever happened to our attitude that we were GOOD as a Nation, as a People & as an IDEAL for... more

So much of today's news is about this, that & another thing ... but so much of it can be condensed down to we've allowed our government to forget it's place & now that we've created the beast, too many want to keep feeding it, while... more

Over the past few years the narratives seem to be five steps backward for every one step forward. What Does It Matter was a hashtag, but it's bcome the mantra of so much, but things DO matter. We're back to things like racism,... more

Supreme Sense with 1SupremeGoddess = Maureen Miles Bucci & More This evening we will be joined by a very special guest, Maureen Miles Bucci! Maureen is a Wife, Cat Mama, and an author, who survived a battle with Stage 3B... more

Another new year, another new beginning ... or is it? Only time will tell if we've learned anything at all from the passing of another year, but we CAN live in hope for our future & SHOULD. Over the past few years the narratives seem to be... more

Supreme Sense with 1SupremeGoddess = Individuals, Ingenuity & Military History ..... Can we as individuals really make a difference? ... I say YES, absolutely we can & DO! Don't believe me? Let me just name a few: Jesus, Our Founding... more

Listen in as hosts American Journal Editor Rob and Author Jack July have their weekly chat on current events, politics and solutions to America's greatest challenges. Special guest: Michael Isenberg Tonight's topics: Video games,... more

That's right. We're finding our place back in the halls of the Capital Building,...back in the House of Representatives and in the House of the Senate. We've got a Tim Scott, and Mia Love and others who represent a much needed voice in... more