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Supreme Sense with One Supreme Goddess

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Supreme Sense with 1SupremeGoddess ~ America and Americans ARE exceptional, Monday (7/11) at 7:30 pm, Eastern ....

America and Americans ARE exceptional, but we've lost our way. We've allowed a small group of people that don't like us or what we believe in, convince us that we need to be "politically correct". We don't. We've allowed ourselves to believe that it's better to NOT speak the truth just because it MAY offend someone than it is to speak out and let truth guide our way. Unfortunately, once we allowed ourselves to fall for this mind set, we tipped over the edge into the abyss and we are slidding to the bottom fast, but all is NOT lost. We CAN get it back. 

We didn't get into this mess over night, we won't get out of it over night either, but we CAN and WILL get control again, IF we stop buying into this mind set and get back to common sense and common decency. 

We need to stop always looking outward for answers. We need to realize that WE have control of a lot more than we think or believe. With the choices we make in our day to day lives WE send out ripples too. Make them positive and they WILL have a positive impact on not just you and your life, but the lives of those that you touch and far beyond through the ripples YOU create.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ...

Take the concept of small acts of kindness and apply it to you and your life in how you think, act and react, how you see your world and your impact on it. We THINK we have no control but WE have far more control than others would have us believe.

Holding onto the prayerful patriotsim and exceptionalism that this beautiful country was built on, together, we WILL get through these stormy seas, with God guiding our path.