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The We Built That Network.com was founded by tireless advocates for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Featuring four fabulous shows produced by passionate, liberty-minded hosts, the WBTN network is dedicated to restoring the foundation, reigniting the passion and reviving the exceptionalism. And yes Mr. President, we built that!

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This week on The Catholic Geek, host Declan Finn (The Pius Trilogy, Codename: Winterborn, and the upcoming Honor at Stake) will be discussing Catholicism in Sci-Fi with Stephanie Souders of Right Fans. Madam Souders is is a life-long geek and adult convert to Catholicism who teaches at a private tutoring center in the Northern Virginia area. For the past decade, she has appeared on numerous discussion panels at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, where she's tackled topics ranging from Star Trek's Prime Directive to faith and its portrayal in literary science fiction. She also writes book reviews and fannish commentary as one of the "Right Fans." Tonight, Finn and Souders will be paying particular attention to the Catholic images and themes in the awesomeness that was Babylong 5, the fiction of C.S. Lewis, and a retrospective on A Canticle for Leibowitz.
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Join host Declan Finn (The Pius Trilogy, Honor at Stake) and author Karina Fabian (Mind Over Mind) as they discuss religion and science fiction, and the Christian science fiction anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God: learn about... more

Join me, Jack July host of Dead Wrong Radio as we discuss the issues of the day. Starting with the Confederate Battle flag. I have some thoughts. In the second hour we will ajourn to authors corner talk to Roy M Griffis, discuss his... more

E3 is over, and all of the latest and greatest video games of the next year have made their debut. What looks good? What looks great? What looks like it shouldn't have been made in the first place? Find out today as we review E3... more

Join me and my bestest friend Robert Bertrand as we discuss a jam packed week of current events. In the second hour, we will be joined by Matt Margolis a member of the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. We will discuss the... more

Join Declan Finn (author: The Pius Trilogy, It Was Only On Stun!) as he looks into the future and the past with guest stars Ian Crum and Marina Fontaine. Ian Crum, computer expert, will be giving us a preview of what he's going to see at the... more

It's current events day on the Jack July show. Join me and my co-host, Author Kaila Geary Halling as we discuss the Issues of the day. Should be fun. Then in the last half hour we talk to Author Pierre Comtois as we discuss his... more

Welcome newcomer Declan Finn as he looks at the latest news through a nerd spectrum. Finn is the author of "It was Only on Stun!" "Codename Winterborn," and The Pius Trilogy. Brought to WBTN by Daria DiGiovanni many moons ago,... more

Join Jack July and his co-host Allen Goodner as we discuss news of the day then welcom three fine Authors. At 9:00 PM we welcome Jeff Daiell the owner of Jeff Daiell Communications, which provides speaking, writing, and editing... more

Join me, Jack July and my Co-host Ava Armstrong as we discuss the topics of the day. This weeks very special guest is Karen Martin of the Spartanburg South Carolina Tea Party. We will discuss the current status of the Tea party as well... more

Join me, Jack July and my Co-host Vanessa Landry as we welcome Tom Tinney, a man with definite opinions on man made climate change and the facts and knowledge to back them up. In the second hour we welcome Author/Blogger... more