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HOLY WAR: The Battle of Beirut is worse than Hell, an irrational maelstrom of implacable hatreds and inconceivable suffering, of screaming bombs and exploding shells, crashing buildings, sniper battles, and deadly ambushes. Neill, a war correspondent on a secret mission for Britain's MI6 intelligence agency, is trying to find Mohammed, a Hezbollah terrorist leader who may be willing to stop the slaughter and destruction. André, a French commando, is also looking for Mohammed, to kill him in revenge for the death of his brother, blown up with over 400 US Marines and French paratroopers by Hezbollah. For Rosa, a remorseless and passionate Palestinian guerrilla, Mohammed is one of the few hopes left for her people, and she will give her life to protect him. And for lovely Anne-Marie, André is the only one who can rescue her from Hell. Based on Bond's own experiences in Lebanon, Syria and the Middle East, Holy War has been praised for its portrayal of battle and its journalistic and political realism, and for its evocative descriptions of men and women caught in a deadly crossfire.
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www.nealjames.com DAY OF THE PHEONIX: Steve Marshall was ready. This time there would be no mistakes – no-one to derail the plan, and no-one to step outside his ideas for the perfect Britain. Anyone standing in the way of... more

For book trailer and more information, see www.elizabethaupton.com THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA: Marietta Collins, a former nun, becomes enmeshed in the tragedy of a brutal murder. Marietta, now the head of a youth drug... more

www.mikebondbooks.com THE LAST SAVANNA: With Africa's last elephants dying under the guns of Somali poachers, ex-SAS officer Ian MacAdam leads a commando squad against them, to hunt what for him is the only decent prey... more

SILVER KINGS AND SONS OF BITCHES: A NOVEL Based on the true story of a man who sacrificed everything for a city - San Francisco - and his dream that it would one day be the most beautiful city in the world...and all for the love of a... more

DANCE WITH THE ENEMY: "Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once... more

What Passing Bells: Not just a compelling and dramatic story of a restless young man with the Great War as a backdrop, but also a balanced and relatable view of a war that transcends generations. When readers first meet Dai Bowen, he... more

A Woman with (No) Strings Attached: Lucie had always found skiing far more exciting than sex. That is until one day, the sex got better. For years she had thought orgasm was an unattainable myth, but after a lifetime of boring,... more

www.bpgallucci.com LEXUS SAM: A man, nameless, wakes up in Manhattan in a stranger's apartment with few memories of who he is. He remembers a life in California and the love of a girl named Sarah—memories that don't match... more

ASCENSION: What would you do if you were imbued with superpowers? This is the question posed to a group of high school students who are struck with the powers of telekinesis. This narrative interweaves the destiny of multiple... more

Join me and author Liam Parker as he discusses AND reads from his upcoming novel, OMNIVERSE 2
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