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If I were the Governor of Virginia

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On this evenng's broadcast, Anna Yeisley talks about Virginia's Gubernatorial Race.

Frustrated with the lack of direction and vision for Virginia, Anna Yeisley, your host of INDEPENDENT THINKER puts on her Acting Constitution Ambassador of Virginia hat, and lays out a plan for Virginia, that if heeded would move Virginia into a new American century of peace and prosperity.  

1)  Prepare for impending crisis or event (whether caused by financial collapse, natural disaster or terrorist attack)  by:

a) establishing alternative competitive currencies to the federal reserve note, namely and electronic gold currency as advocated by Dr. Edwin Vieira (Harvard scholar who lives in Front Royal) or advocating a debt free  currency that Bill Stills (another Virginian) is traveling the world advocating?

b)  revitalize Virginia's civilian militia, a voluntary "body of persons' trained to arms.  A unpaid civilian militia could be of GREAT help to  maintain order and distribution in a crisis or an upheaval of any kind.  Considering the number of armed people in Virginia, would not a program to train and organize a body of people trained to arms (as quoted in the Virginia Constitution, Section 13) the proper, natural and safe defense of a free state especially in the event of an national, state or international crisis, whether we speak of financial, natural or terror? 

c)   Cultivate Industrial hemp as a new industrial commodity base with its promises of not only non toxic plastic and paper production but the fresh oxygen, carbon dioxide reduction in producing bio fuels from hemp (Henry Ford made an entire autombile out of hemp plastic and fueled it with hemp derived bio fuel in the 1940's.  

If you agree send a note to your state legislator.