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Welcome to Remnant X Radio: Home to: Revolution, Week in Review, Destiny Lab, Spoken Nerd, Robert Worley, Shawn Cleveland, AW Tozer, Charles Spurgeon Exodus Music Review and all things good! Check out our website Thanks for listening to Remnant X Radio. Join the Revolution. Repent. Reform. Revive.

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Join us this Saturday 12/27/14 on Regeneration X at 12noon. House cleaning is a part of our everyday work chores. King Hezekiah performed a great house cleaning that teaches us how to cleanse our inner man. Join us for the teaching "House Cleaning" this Saturday. Please check out our website, follow us on twitter and send us a friend request on facebook!
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The Theology of Christmas by A.W. Tozer Topic: Christmas Scripture(s): 1 John 1:1-10 Description: Underlying the lovely melody of Christmas is a foundation of rock-solid theology. Dr. A. W. Tozer draws seven features of wonder and... more

(1 Peter - Part 24): Venerate All God's Creation by A.W. Tozer Topic: Creation Scripture(s): 1 Peter 2:17, Psalm 104 Description: A philosopher searches for truth inside his own head, a scientist searches outside in nature, and neither finds... more

Young Earth -- It's Not the Issue by Ken Ham Topic: Creation Description: Ken Ham rains blow after powerful blow against the root of man-fearing when it comes to interpreting the six-day creation account as being figurative. He quotes... more

The Word "All" Makes Noahs Flood Global by Ken Ham Topic: Noahs Flood Description: The Hebrew word ?all? clearly indicates that the flood of Noah was a global, rather than a local flood. So why do people believe in a local flood?... more

Join us as we share a rare find...a short message by the late CS Lewis entitiled, "The Four Loves." Please check out our website, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

Join us as we check the ep from the band I The Mighty ep entitled, "Hearts & Spades." I really enjoy this ep and I think you will too! They have a bunch of music and I hope to share more of it with you! Please check our indie internet... more

Gaining control In the Classroom by Kent Hovind Topic: Classroom Scripture(s): Proverbs 22:3 Description: Whether public, Christian or private schools, if you want to learn techniques that can help you regain control of your... more

What is Apologetics?? Why shoul we care?? Join us as we are joined by Francis Schafer as he discusses the who, what and whys of Apologetics! Please check out our website, follow us on twitter and send me a... more

How to teach CREATION in schools by Kent Hovind Topic: Creation Scripture(s): Proverbs 22:3 Description: This audio shows how teachers in public schools can still teach creation in the classroom, and covers some laws on the books... more