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We discuss everything from GMOs to the Anglo American establishment. We focus our discussions on relevant topics the help raise political awareness and help eliminate the status quo..

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Topic for the Show: Open Phones on possible War with Syria. Call in #602-753-1916

Topic for the show: What's going on in Syria, and why the media has resorted to childish tactic of race in America. Wait, am I allowed to say that?

Topic for the show: Egypt in turmoil, Henry Kissinger backs Christie, my banner hang yesterday, and what is a "Neo-Confederate?"

Topic for the show: Press Freedom, Alternative currencies under attack, and Egypt now completely screwed up. The police state and much more.

Topic for the show: This episode is the best of my interviews. Lee Camp, Robert Platshorn and "Freeway" Rick Ross and of course, news.

Topic for the show: The alternative media is changing the conversation in America.

Topic for the show: More spying on Americans, Terror threats and Mainstream News actually reporting news?????

Robert Platshorn is the founder of The Silver Tour. The Silver tour is an organization whose goal is to help inform people of the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

Topic for the show: NSA can continue to spy on America. The Govt launches "blimps for missle defense." The Pentagon reaches for more transparency.

Topic for the show: Old school vs. New school. We explore the differences between Keynesian economics vs Austrian economics. My take on the royal baby and much more.