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We discuss everything from GMOs to the Anglo American establishment. We focus our discussions on relevant topics the help raise political awareness and help eliminate the status quo..

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Topic for the show: Within my search for knowledge and understanding I have stumbled down a few rather long rabbit holes (Illuminati, Sacred Geometry and Aliens). Most of these have proven helpful in my overall understanding. We will... more

A week in review show: I will cover the latest Edward Snowden revelation as well as how the media has begun branding libertarians as extremist along with Communist. Politics in America has been changed through high tech propaganda... more

We have a special announcement this show. We will be hosting a call in give away so tune in for details. Also, we will dive into the trap that may be laying in waiting in the Anarcho-Capitalist movement. We will explore the aspects of... more

Today on the show we will discuss the dangers of Nationalism. Not just loving your country, but the extreme mental illness that follows blindly to the detriment of the individual and society as a whole. We then dive into the psychology... more

Topic for the show: I review some of the news from the week. The immigration issue, congress exempting themselves from laws, the missing emails and much more. Tune in for a different side of the story.

Topic for the show: What is the history of ISIS? What did we accomplish in Iraq the first time? How do we as a society move to block future involvement to a war that will never end "War on Terror?" Also, what is the Grand Chessboard... more

Topic for the show: Are we run by alphabet soup organizations (NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, DOD)? How do these organizations opperate and should the American public question black budgets, seceret testings and documented mind control?... more

This is an interview that I recorded last week with physicist Tom Campbell. We discuss his My Big Toe theory as well as the psychology of the people here in America.

Topic for the show: The shifting of the attention of the American public. Public relations firms have destroyed any hope of a free press in America while by adding distractions, simplistic answers and disinformation.

This morning on the show I will do a week in review of the news from Bilderberg, International News, and more NSA revelations. On a local front the Atlanta Braves stadium ($300 million) gets approved by unanimous decision but there is a... more