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We discuss everything from GMOs to the Anglo American establishment. We focus our discussions on relevant topics the help raise political awareness and help eliminate the status quo..

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Topic for the show: Are we run by alphabet soup organizations (NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, DOD)? How do these organizations opperate and should the American public question black budgets, seceret testings and documented mind control?... more

This is an interview that I recorded last week with physicist Tom Campbell. We discuss his My Big Toe theory as well as the psychology of the people here in America.

Topic for the show: The shifting of the attention of the American public. Public relations firms have destroyed any hope of a free press in America while by adding distractions, simplistic answers and disinformation.

This morning on the show I will do a week in review of the news from Bilderberg, International News, and more NSA revelations. On a local front the Atlanta Braves stadium ($300 million) gets approved by unanimous decision but there is a... more

Joining me on the show tonight will be Josh Wiley as we discuss The Bilderberg Group Meeting as well as the revelation (not if you listen to this show) that Edward Snowden is also a spy not only a whistleblower. New documents show... more

In this episode you will hear my interview with comedian Lee Camp of www.leecamp.net Also, I discuss the trend of public schools taking over the job of the parents on sex education and why this is not a good thing for society. I... more

Joining me on the show will be Joyce Robertson owner of Mountain Air Organic Beds. We discuss the benefits of organic beds and the possible harms of utilizing a conventional bed. We will talk about the flame retardant chemicals that are... more

I have a guest in studio. We will be joined by Josh Wiley to discuss the economy, business ethics and a moves to sensor the internet through Net Neutrality. We will also discuss fatherhood and why the government is buying all these bullets?

Guest for the show Josh Wiley and I discuss the Satanic mass that is to be reinacted at a Harvard bar. We will also discuss the shooting in South Flordia where cops unloaded over 300 bullets into a car and the kidnapping in Nigeria.

Topic for the show: The distraction media. Why do we let the mainstream media control the conversation in America? I take you down the road of peer pressure and learned helplessness to discuss why apathy is our biggest challenge in... more