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We discuss everything from GMOs to the Anglo American establishment. We focus our discussions on relevant topics the help raise political awareness and help eliminate the status quo..

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Topic for the show: What is a domestic terrorist? More issues arise regarding the eminent domain, violation of civil rights, property rights and much more. We discuss the current issues facing the nation as well as where this all stems... more

Topic for the show: Joining me on the show are Josh Wiley and Rick Staggenborg to discuss the situation in the Ukraine. We also discuss, what is the future of humanity? Will we have a debate over new technology or will it push forward... more

Topic for the show: Happy theft day! We spend the show discussing rights. Is the Bundy Ranch situation over? Will this revitalize the collective consciousness to move toward self ownership and the fraud of property taxes and income taxes?... more

Topic for the show: I have found my renewed faith in my governmental beliefs. After spending the better part of an afternoon to get GOVERNMENTAL PERMISSION to travel. I will be covering the Nevada situation and much more.... more

Topic for the show: The World Bank wants to help with Climate Change, CA bill would force Sea World to release killer whales, and my segment on Pharma drugs and how they impact our life and society that the last show did not record.... more

Topic for the show: Will the return of morals change the society? Will parents be able to instill moral values in their children to change society in the future? Would a more moral society legislate the spy grid and say no or go after politicians... more

Topic for the show: The political landscape of the United States is changing. As old Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals begin to lose their strangle hold on the masses what will be the fate of the "New" America? Will we return to... more

On the show tonight: I am back from my bout with a stomach bug. As the empire begins to stumble we begin to see signs of the lack of control from media, polititans and the populious. We will discuss in more detail the mysterious... more

This episode is both of the interviews I have conducted with comedian Lee Camp of www.leecamp.net. Even if we have opposing views on solutions for our current world and national situation, we point out the issues with today's society... more