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We discuss everything from GMOs to the Anglo American establishment. We focus our discussions on relevant topics the help raise political awareness and help eliminate the status quo..

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Topic for the show: It is my first attempt in months of running a live show. With the difficulties of parenthood, slow internet connections and holiday variables we are going to try and make this happen. Tonight we will be discussing the Small... more

Topic for the show: I look Geo-Politically at the West and NATO are lining up against Russia. I explore the new numbers regarding Ebola in West Africa, and a look at shock therapy to prevent you from heading for that second helping of... more

Topic for the show: I cover the Ferguson and what appears to be a ramping up of Federal support for the local police. I discuss the role that race plays in this scenario as we are driven by social constructs and peer pressure. Also, we are... more

Topic for the show: Elections are over and after the dust has settled what have we actually learned from this exercise in democracy? How do we use these actions to push an agenda of free thinking and open markets? Can we convince... more

Topic for the show: It is the first show back in weeks since I relocated and I am now feeling settled in. I will be joined by Josh Wiley to catch up on all the latest news around the world and even get into some interesting backstory behind the... more

Topic for the show: How steering committees and unelected groups like Kissinger and Associates run America's foreign policy. I also cover how the next generation Iphone may be a step towards a cashless society and is it a good thing or not?... more

Topic for the show: The transhumanism push through popular culture. I go over the Cecil Rhodes plan for world order propagated throughout the world lead by the Kissinger Associates and others. I also discuss the dangers of the idea of... more

Topic for the show: The first show back in over two weeks with so much happening. I will discuss Ferguson as well as the execution video which are now prominently positioned in the front of people's minds. I will also discuss the... more

Topic for the show: Within my search for knowledge and understanding I have stumbled down a few rather long rabbit holes (Illuminati, Sacred Geometry and Aliens). Most of these have proven helpful in my overall understanding. We will... more