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D.A. Williams's WDKK Radio brings you the latest in Indie music along with exclusive interviews with the artist who made American music great. In addition, we offer programming for motivation, inspiration and transformation. For additional content, visit http://www.wdkkradio.com

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There is no better way to start the week than with thoughts of possibilities. Bite sized nuggets to get the week underway.

Let's take a trip back in time with this new Saturday Night format from D.A. In preparation for our time of relaxation, we'll play the songs that will take you back in time when you knew your dreams would come. A truly unique... more

This has been a great week of sharing. On Saturday evening May 9, 2009, I am going to do a guided meditation for the blogtalk family. On the broadcast today, I will share a few thoughts about meditation, deep relaxation and expectations.... more

Changing times require changed minds. One of the most powerful tools for life transformation is NLP. Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is the study of subjective experience. If anyone has ever done anything it can be replicated simply by... more

So just how powerful is the subconscious mind. Is it's programming fixed or can it be changed. If so HOW? It's easier than YOU may BELIEVE...Let's talk about it.

Many people may have tried hypnosis with no success. There are reasons.Let's talk about it.

When I did the first segment of this topic, we simply ran out of time. The issues revolving around relationships today are many. Co-dependency, mis-understandings,and selfishness seem to the thieves that are robbing so... more

This episode created alot of comments and questions. Listen in and see what you are in store for on Pt.2 which will air Monday, May 4th. Get your questions ready for Monday. JOIN WITH ME TODAY ON THE DAPHNE... more

In this episode, I will share the ABC's of creating your own hypnosis sessions. One of the most effective ways to utilize self hypnosis, is by designing custom sessions yourself. Listen in and learn how simple the process really is.

Why is there so much talk today about hypnosis. Does it really work or is it just another bogus theory? Join into these segments and discover the power of hypnosis for yourself.
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