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D.A. Williams's WDKK Radio brings you the latest in Indie music along with exclusive interviews with the artist who made American music great. In addition, we offer programming for motivation, inspiration and transformation. For additional content, visit http://www.wdkkradio.com

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When I did the first segment of this topic, we simply ran out of time. The issues revolving around relationships today are many. Co-dependency, mis-understandings,and selfishness seem to the thieves that are robbing so... more

This episode created alot of comments and questions. Listen in and see what you are in store for on Pt.2 which will air Monday, May 4th. Get your questions ready for Monday. JOIN WITH ME TODAY ON THE DAPHNE... more

In this episode, I will share the ABC's of creating your own hypnosis sessions. One of the most effective ways to utilize self hypnosis, is by designing custom sessions yourself. Listen in and learn how simple the process really is.

Why is there so much talk today about hypnosis. Does it really work or is it just another bogus theory? Join into these segments and discover the power of hypnosis for yourself.

So many people have a tough time having good relationships. Are men and women really that different. Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus? While there is no formula for succesfull relationships, there are keys that help us to... more

Did you ever wonder what is at the root of people's prejudices. Most of the time, we project onto other people what we fear about ourselves. Let's take a look at this.

Conceptual Change Technique™ - Everything in life has purpose. If you don't know the purpose of a thing - abuse (ab-normal use) is inevitable. Join with D.A. as he welcomes "Coach K" the motivator. Radio host, "The Coach of... more

Conceptual Change Technique™ - Everyone has some concept of "God". Even those who say they don't believe in "God" have some concept of God which they don't believe. How does our concept of God impact our life's purpose.
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Special "Power of Purpose Episode" with Coack K the Motivator and D.A. Williams

  • by WDKK Radio
Join with me as I welcome Coach K "The Motivator" for this enlightening episode as we explore the "Power of Purpose". Coach K is a proven motivator, teacher and life coach. He also host "The Coach K of Life Show" here on... more

Conceptual Change Technique™ -- It is said 'perception is reality" and I tend to agree. Understanding the "Ladder of Abstraction" is the beginning to see how we delete certain information from of observations and focus on others. This is a... more
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