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News, views and talk about the world of pro wrestling..from WWE to the indys..if its wrestling we'll talk about it!

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WWE Monday night Raw hits an all time low in quality as they do their very best to render the previous nights Survivor series Irrelevant....From A plodding open and far too long match to Wasting the momentum of several workers..to using... more

WWE Survivor series ends up a clean sweep for the Raw brand..well..SORT of...Rhonda Rousey pays her dues..Nia Jax gets heel heat at Becky Lynchs expense...Enzo Amore gets toosed out of the Staples center and Daniel Bryan... more

WWE Survivor series hardly looks like the same card we expected last week..but will the last minute changes pay off? On todays show we will take a look at each match and give you our thoughts as well as our predictions...Also a few words... more

WWE Smackdowns go home show to Sundays Survivor series almost seemed like an episode of the twilight zone as Daniel Bryan becomes the new champion..turns heel and changes one of the main events in the... more

WWE Monday night Raw features an invasion angle from the women of Smackdown in the go home show for this Sundays Survivor series event.....Also Braun Strowman destroys the tag team division again...Dean Ambrose gives a... more

On todays show we will once again open up our mail bag and answer some of your questions on the world of pro wrestling....topics ranging from Impact wrestlings future in the TV market to the possible forming of a brand new... more

WWE Smackdown from Manchester is really a show dedicated to just how well the Miz and Daniel Bryan work together...amidst a handful of matches the theme remained the same..two co captains building a team for Surbivor series. While... more

WWE Monday night Raw features a series of matches designed to once again allow the heels to actually BE heels and perhaps get over a few faces in the process....Nia Jax flips heel....Braun goes full face....New tag team champions... more

With perhaps the most controversial show in the federations history now behind them the WWE faces not only the wrath of the critics who felt the company should cancel...but the fans who were given a show so badly booked and lacklustre... more
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