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WBRG The Bridge with hosts John Robinson and Corliss King can be described as Batman & Robin or depending on the topic, Ecks vs. Sever behind the mic. We will unconventionally get at the truth and don’t care who’s feelings get hurt along the way...even if its each other’s. WBRG The Bridge is where you come to get your “grown-ass man/woman on” from a conversational aspect and we are truly allergic to kid gloves! What we offer is a cutting edge, no holds barred show for adults that includes discussion and commentary on relationships, sex, politics, religion, finances, crime, current events, racism, parenting and every other every socio/political topic that matters to grown folk. Think of a trip to the Bridge as the barbershop/beauty salon colliding with the country club. We say what you wish someone said! Not only do we go there, WE DRIVE!! If you want to bump to top 40, you’ve got options. If you want a grown-up conversation, we’re live and uncut every Thursday evening at 9:00 p.m. EST. Don't forget to check us out at www.wbrgthebridge.com.

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Considering the tremendous medical advances and a seemingly triumphant and thriving Magic Johnson, would you knowingly date someone who is HIV Positive? Do you make the assumption the person you love or are involved with or... more

The BODY is in a perpetual battle against the SPIRIT in the war of fidelity. Two thirds of all black marriages end in divorce, and 2 of 3 black children will experience the dissolution of their parents' marriage by the time they reach age... more

Many sisters will co-sign that there's nothing sexier than being a lady. However, just as many will conform to the notion that the art of being a lady is a dying trend. All too often women grow so weary of waiting for true love, that they fall... more

The Tea Party has mobilized closed ranks and will be heard this November. Where are we? Will WE be heard this August? Has the advent of a Black President made us complacent? Do You feel we've "overcome?" The tragic and... more

While reminiscing with your friends about times in your twenties, you realized that the next time you looked up you were in your forties. You'll be in your sixties just as fast! How are you going to pay for the lifestyle you want in retirement?... more

Ok family, time to have "Church" up in this camp! At the risk of Natasha going to Hell on a rocket, this week's show focuses on those with an ulterior motive who use the church as their personal dating service. As far as they're concerned,... more

Be sure to join us this week as we welcome special guest host: The PROVOCATIVE, the OUTRAGEOUS, the SULTRY relationship savant and author, Miss Pillow Talk herself...Ms. Trina Stackhouse!! Many "Sistas" in the... more

You're pushing a $50,000.00 whip, but still renting! What the hell is wrong with you?! Why do some grown ass men and women put more emphasis on their "image" than the roof over their and their kids heads?! Is this a Black thang?... more

Most Black men love their children as much as anyone else. However, does the high cost ratios of child support and the threat of arrest for high arrearages cause the Brother to disenfranchise himself from the parental process? Does "Baby... more

Damn It's HOT! It's Summertime! Time for a vacation. Is it ok to hang with the Bros in South Beach or romp with the Chiccas at Grand Lido for a week? Do you reign in or let out your "inner freak?" Can you behave yourself outside the... more
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