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WBRG The Bridge with hosts John Robinson and Corliss King can be described as Batman & Robin or depending on the topic, Ecks vs. Sever behind the mic. We will unconventionally get at the truth and don’t care who’s feelings get hurt along the way...even if its each other’s. WBRG The Bridge is where you come to get your “grown-ass man/woman on” from a conversational aspect and we are truly allergic to kid gloves! What we offer is a cutting edge, no holds barred show for adults that includes discussion and commentary on relationships, sex, politics, religion, finances, crime, current events, racism, parenting and every other every socio/political topic that matters to grown folk. Think of a trip to the Bridge as the barbershop/beauty salon colliding with the country club. We say what you wish someone said! Not only do we go there, WE DRIVE!! If you want to bump to top 40, you’ve got options. If you want a grown-up conversation, we’re live and uncut every Thursday evening at 9:00 p.m. EST. Don't forget to check us out at www.wbrgthebridge.com.

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HAVING HER SAY. In her QUEST FOR JUSTICE, Janice Sallis-Mustafa, mother of murdered teen PHYLICIA BARNES talks EXCLUSIVELY to WBRG The Bridge THIS THURSDAY at 9pm EST. You won't hear this interview on Fox,... more

By now, many of us have seen the Steve Harvey inspired film, THINK LIKE A MAN. This Thursday at 9pm EST. on WBRG the Bridge, we'll let YOU decide. Do we talk about the MOVIE or the idea that an adultering multi-time marriage... more

TONIGHT on WBRG The Bridge: Today we are more connected than ever. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at a moment's notice you can make a million new "friends" that instantly know more about you than your own family.... more

17 year old Trayvon Martin, an African American child, while walking from the store to his father's house was tragically MURDERED at the racist hand and 9mm gun of George Zimmerman, the SELF APPOINTED neighborhood... more

Trayvon Martin lost his life this week at the hands of George Zimmerman the self appointed neighborhood watch leader of an upscale gated community. So far he has not been arrested for murder because he "claims" he was acting in... more

The things that men and women are drawn to and what turns one person on vs. another, would blow your mind! WHAT, makes us SEXY? Is it a well dressed, well-groomed, good smelling man that has swagger with a level of confidence... more

The media would have you believe that the latest generation of children are a lost cause. But on Thursday night we are going to spotlight some remarkable kids and their accomplishments. From creating a hair care empire at the ripe old age of... more

Why are Blacks STILL the only race in the USA who have to first identify their race, before indicating that they are just plain old American? Since the days of slavery, Black Americans have made immeasurable strides and contributions to... more

In the NATIONAL MEDIA, we hear about missing baby LISA IRWIN of Kansas City every day, but we hear NEXT TO NOTHING about 5 year old JAHESSYE SHOCKLEY of Phoenix. Both missing, both little girls but one is WHITE and one... more

TAKE YOUR ASS TO THE DOCTOR! Why don't MINORITIES go to the doctor for routine exams and screenings BEFORE something goes wrong? News flash, the ER is NOT your primary care physician. Join us this week on WBRG The... more
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