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Willie Prophet Metaphysical Life Coach

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Deliberate Creation

Deliberate Creation


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The Law of polarity   states that everything has its polar opposite, that nothing is in itself absolute.Everything in the universe is light and magnetism. we have both an electrical and magnetic charge that travels down our spine. In fact some ppl are more electric which means you tend to push things away from you. If you are magnetic then you will draw things to you a lot easier. I t depends on your astrological birth chart. So this is not to say that if you are elcetrical that you cannot attract the right ppl and situations towards you, it just means that you will have to pay attention to your own personality. Remember that like thoughts will attract  to them the same. there is a certain truth in the axiom that opposites attract one another but this only for the sae of balance. for example if you are fixed then you probably will get along better with someone who is mutable. Just like in most parental relationships one parent is usually the diciplinarian while the other is usuall more easy going, so there is balance. Now the Law of polarity works along side of the law of vibration. Remember that your thoughts vibrate at a particular frequency. Whatever you are experiencing there is available to its opposite at the same time.  Iif you are sad there is joy, if you are experiencing lack there is abundance, if you are experiencing a broken relationship there is a better one available. All you have to do is reach for the thought that makes you feel better, Its really just that simple.Why because remeber the only reason you are experiencing what you are is because of your habitual thought patters, beliefs, and unconscious imprints/ templates.  Everything takes its origin in the thought world.