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Utopian Realities S-L-O-P-E-

Utopian Realities S-L-O-P-E-


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EARTH AID NOW! Council from 12 to 2 p.m. PST, Saturday, February 11th includes: Northernwhitebear, Tegheya Kte/Garry Rowland, Sr., eagle-eye-man, Amb. David Kam/Dat Wei, Morninglight and Medicine Bear; Red Clover/Cate Roberts; Water Protector, 'Scorch.'

There are 7 easy steps to re-establishing your sovereignty and to stopping the pipelines. Treaties are the supreme law of the land but not many people or even lawyers understand how treaties function. Not all treaties are actual treaties because treaties are between two Sovereigns, but when a nation is signing a document called a treaty under duress or when they are like prisoners of war the documents are no longer treaties because at the time of signing they are no longer sovereign. 

Also, there is political sovereignty and there is economic sovereignty. One cannot go without the other and both have to be implemented at the same time.

Also, lawyers swear allegiance to the BAR and it can be considered an act of treason if a lawyer goes against the Crown, so therefore hiring a lawyer that is part of the BAR to assert treaties is a conflict of interest. These are all subtle differences that can be your downfall to asserting treaty rights.

Colonial countries break ‘treaties’ because they were not treaties in the first place or the signatories to the treaties are not the proper ones asserting the treaties. All these pitfalls are explored in 7 Easy Steps to Sovereignty and to Stopping the Pipelines. If done and asserted properly, Tribal Sovereignty truly means nothing can be done without your Nation's permission.

Often colonizers trick indigenous peoples into believing they have less power when they are actually the most powerful of the land. Giving away your power is how you lose it.

It is easy to stop all pipelines if you know how to assert your rights. It is as easy as cooking a pie if you follow the 7 Easy Steps to Freedom.