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Squared Circle Insider Wrestling


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A pro-wrestling talk show looking from the inside out. Tune in for inside stories on character development, story lines and the history of professional wrestling and how it became known as it is today. Join Chip Douglas and W.B. Ward each Wednesday afternoon at 5pm Eastern.

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What role did the occult have in the forming of our nation? Mitch Horowitz, author of “Occult America” will stop by and share with us the stories of some of the most prominent figures in American history allowed their beliefs in mysticism to shape... more

More than forty years ago, Derrel Sims had his first encounter with an alien presence. Since then he has researched the topic of alien abductions and has written a book aclled, "Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth About Alien Ijmplants."... more

Editor of Open Minds Magazine, Alejandro Rojas inspects and investigates weird and strange claims from all over the world. Join us for an interesting discussion of UFOs, monsters and all things weird. Be sure to visit his website at... more

Movie reviews - "A Christmas Carol" and "2012"

  • by WXBX Ward
$0Well, I'm no professional movie reviewer but for whatever it's worth here's my two-cents' worth on a couple of new movies.$0$0$0$0$0A CHRISTMAS CAROL$0$0*** (out of a five-star rating)$0$0$0$0$0Robert Zimeckis, who also... more

William Gladstone The motion picture “2012 the Movie” will appear in American movie theatres tomorrow (Nov. 13). William Gladstone, author of the book “The Twelve” returns to Skeptic Beliefs to discuss this new movie.

When talking about beings without bodies; angels, ascended masters and spirit guides aren't the only kids on the block. “Dark Angels” talks about the bad kids in town. Who are these bad kids? As a child, you might have met one at... more

Melissa Van Rossum dreamed of having a normal life. Problem? Melissa Van Rossum could see ghosts. She didn't have to visit the local haunted house to encounter these spectral beings - they would find her. In her car, her closet, her... more

Has the lost continent of Atlantis been found? How has this been thought of as fiction by some, and absolute fact by others? These questions can and will be answered by Frank Joseph Hoff the understudy, researcher and business agent... more

Allyson and Adele work professionally as psychic mediums, educators, and motivational speakers and this marks their second appearance on “Skeptic Beliefs.” Often when they work together, "phenomena" occurs-it has been... more
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