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The David Hittle Show, bringing you all the news your brain can handle. Providing you, with the news, not "fair and balanced" but very biased and opinionated from the Conservative point of view. Welcome to the David Hittle Show.

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This is the earlier 4:00 PM Show just in case you missed it.

Weekly News: Introduced during the show, listen for information.

1. Homeland Security calls Conservatives "Right-Wing Extremists." 2. Texas Governor Rick Perry affirms Texas's Sovereignty. 3. Republicans gaining back some support. 4. China proud of North Korea's reelection of Kim Jung-Ill. 5.... more

President Obama declares that the United States is not at war with Islam. The House of Representatives passes a $3.6 Trillion budget. Obama envisions a world without Nuclear Weapons. 57% of Americans want a Military Response to the... more

1 Obama throws GM CEO under the bus, government forces CEO to resign. 2 What is Cap-and-Trade?, the largest tax increase in American History. 3 With Congress passing unconstitutional, Congress’s approval rating hits all time lows.... more

1 Another Trillion Dollars, finally on the right thing. 2 Bailouts are the problem, no kidding huh? 3 The White House is open to China’s Global Currency Idea. 4 Currently, the national debt is over $11 Trillion the new Obama budget could... more

1 The White House says the economy is sound despite the mess we’re all in. 2 Dick Cheney former Vice President tells the Obama team not to blame President Bush for the economic woes. 3 We’ll see what percentage still believes that... more

1 We have more information about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s funding to Gaza. 2 Another powerful women, has some explaining to do as well, Speaker Pelosi why are you so peeved? 3 Secretary Clinton has echoed the words of... more

1 The President’s Budget, 2 We’ll talk about the world’s largest insurance company and their new bailout. 3 We’ll look at a foreign country that will be receiving $900 million dollars in Tax-Payer money and why this is a horrible... more

1 U.S. is eyeing the nationalization of Citi Bank, we’ll look into this, 2 We’ll look into the new Spending Bill, and how much it is going to cost you, before it is even started. 3 While, the Congress is planning a new Spending Bill, confidence for... more
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