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Waves of Glory

Waves of Glory


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We are charging the atmosphere with anointed prayers, preaching and teaching. The kingdom of heaven is at hand and we are taking it by force! Join us for some exciting times in the Spirit!

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The blessing of the Lord makes rich and he adds no sorrow with it. You may have been born poor, but you were not meant to stay that way. For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, to destroy the works of the evil one. Jesus paid it... more

If you want a harvest, you must plant a seed. The world economy is based on "buy, sell, trade" while the economy of the Kingdom of God is based on giving and receiving. The principles of the bible have been and ever shall be. They... more

Just because some people have abused the concept of prosperity in the Body of Christ is no reason to reject the gospel of prosperity. John 10:10 promises us abundant life to be lived abundantly. I for one am no longer willing to allow what... more

What's wrong with the prosperity gospel (good news)? God has always prospered his people and in this season, God wants to prosper his people again. Are you a candidate for the good news? Does the scripture bear out this gospel? Why are... more

When I returned from Chicago this month, I had a dream; and in the dream an African woman spoke to me. She said, "Tell the people about money. If you don't tell the people the truth about money, they will never break free from the spirit... more

We strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. This is how Jesus described our propensity to major in the minors and vice versa. Life in the kingdom is the exact opposite of life in the world. Somehow, the Church must come into the... more

Today I want to share with you the revelation that God has given me concerning decreeing and declaring and how your breakthrough is determined by it. Why is your breakthrough delayed? Does it seem that you are always "waiting on... more

The kingdom of heaven is at hand (among you, here and now). This is the message that Jesus preached. This is the message the disciples preached. This is the message the world needs now is the message of the kingdom. We... more

It goes without saying. The world is in chaos. The last days are upon us and the bible is playing out right before our very eyes. What in the world are we expected to do about it? We are in this world but we are not of this world. It is high... more

The power of prayer can change the course of a nation but God has to have people in place like Daniel and Esther that will stand in the gap for a nation. The remedy for national change is this: "IF MY PEOPLE who are called by my name... more
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