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The Fallen

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle



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The Fallen is a term used way to regularly these days. The movie Transformers uses it recently as a evil character who tries to destroying the earth and everything on it, buy killing the sun. There are surprising similarites to this fallen and the real fallen. The real term fallen stands for one who has fallen from the grace and glory of God. These creatures the sons of God, were watchers, who looking down from heaven saw the daughters of men, that they were very fair. They coveted lust in there hearts and made a pact with each other that they would go down to earth, and lie with the daughters of which they chose. They began to teach the people all kinds of things they were not suppose to know, such as the cutting of roots, coloring of the eyes, how to make swords and various weapons, astrology, and divination. The watchers laid with daughters of men and the women bore half breeds known as Giants. The blood line was now tainted, and Giants were ravaging the earth, They were eating all the crops, so the people stop feeding the Giants. The Giants retaliated and began eating the people of the land. These creatures were known as the Nephilim, Raphaim, Anakim, and various other names. They began to breed with the people of the lands women and further tainting the bloodline. This act was an abomination to God and he sent his angels and bound the fallen watchers, and threw them into the abyss until the great judgement day. Now there were still the Giants in the earth in those days, and also after those days. God chose Noah because he was perfect in his generations, or also known as his genetics. Noah and his family escaped the wrath of God that flooded the earth to destroy the fallen angel/human blood line. The Giants were destoyed, but later appeared shortly after that.....