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WATB Radio highlights the Bride of Christ and provides a platform for ministries and ministers to preach to the Bride. We feature ministries and pastors from all over the globe. They each preach what the Holy Spirit is speaking through them to the Bride. We hear how God made them SOMETHING out of NOTHING. We also ask the Bride to come into agreement for them in prayer for God to help them accomplish the mission they were called to do, then we ask them to pray for the Bride.

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God is calling for the remnant of true believers to rise up and build the house of God in America. Not everyone is called to be the President of the United States or leader of a church, but everyone is called to take part in one way or another. Our... more

12-07-17 - This is Show #5 and Dr. June will have guests explaining the dangers of tattoos. We will discuss the scripture, the spiritual and the health of allowing tattoos to be carved into our skin - the temple of God. Are tattoos OK? It's the... more

Pastor Carolyn Sissom talks about God taking us to another level of prosperity with God. It doesn't mean necessarily money/bank account. It is a worry-free life. Security in God. She discusses keys to your future. It is favor, blessings and... more

Pastor Jeff continues his study on end-time prophecy, specifically the Eighth Kingdom of the Beast. He revisits the recent history during President Obama's precedence and the deposing of the Egyptian and Libyan leaders during the... more

The rebellion, hardened hearts, and stiff necks who mock and despise the messengers of God and their words; thereby inviting disaster and the wrath of God, till there is "NO REMEDY." Secular humanism, atheism, socialism,... more

Sabrina Jones is a married, mother of three. She has been a faithful member of Evangel Fellowship Church of God in Christ for over thirty years in Greensboro, North Carolina. Her pastor is Supt. Otis Lockett Jr. She is a graduate of North... more

11-30-17 – This is Show #4 and Dr. June will have guests explaining the dangers of the MIXING in the church. Do we understand the dangers of mixing the world in the church? Mixing the world in our own lives? The Bible says,... more

11-28-17 at 7:00 p.m. CST - Pastor Jeff continues his study of endtime eschatology, this time examining Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 and Babylon The Great in Revelation 18. He especially notes the incredible parallels of... more

We war against principalities and powers of hell and darkness, our fight is not against flesh and blood. This battle is not won by human might or intellectual power, but by the Spirit of the Living God. This rebuilding of a personal life (the... more