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Heard work surviving in NYC but how I have overcome challenges to make it happen

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Yeah aint no Basketball today watchin a little Wendy ain't got no choice da laidy on her Wendy tip. Yo I am made happy it's bout to be on dat Friday tip we gon turn up da show make it work den go to da bank have fun it's on dat Lok show

It on dat Thursday hope yall ready fo us to throw down on a Thursday, got mad stuff to get into time fo us to drop da knowledge watchin dat Spurs takin care of OKC yo dat game is crazy but gonna try to get in dat bed. Yo Miami took... more

Its da kid crazy day busy to da tee city den back to da city finnally get dat chance to chill gonna be on dat Heat game fo real Lebron gone make it do what it do ya heard. Paul Gorge needs to fall back made stuff to talk about yall got to stay... more

Yall all goin know right now we got dis in full gear bout take dis show on a ride yo its kid Lok dog yall got to come holla at da kid shout outs eryting da kid got it lck. Anyway we goin get into some crazy talk yto dis is da Lok show b,ow down wak... more

Yo we da realles in da building Saturday flawless crazy dis show gettin crunk juice ya heard ski ski ski yo what it is Monday

The weekend is here and its about to go down heavy come rock wit the kid last episode creazy dis episode even crazier we bout to do it big so yall most def got to stay toon wit dat cause yall aint gonna know who will stop by its bout to be... more

I don't know how dem boys blw a nine point lead in 3min of da game after I coasted to bed well the Heat advances now just got to see who wins wit the Pacers an Washington. Yo da kid gonna be on it anyway its Friday yo boy is lit... more

So its almost da weekend almost Friday kid waitin fo dat butta bisket dat change yall know holla at da kid hope yall ready for da young Lok Thursday we bout to kick da sports Nets Heat we gon see what it do an we got mad stuff to... more

Yeah we definitely on one kid lok in da building bout to do da sports recap

Yo Lets Talk ABout It Wendy be Hattin again sound like every show I didn't want to say anything bad bout my girl Wendy but she back to hatin. Real talk Monday repisode crazy lol yo bout to check dat Nets game fo real lets see whats going... more