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Heard work surviving in NYC but how I have overcome challenges to make it happen

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We blowin out da gates wit hits last week we killed it this week isa no different ya heard. Lite bout to kill da airways we on serious mode ain't no time fo games lets do dis hard core. Yo all I can say don't miss da show or we got some... more

Yes come chill wit ya boy da litest the britest Lite dog on dat radio kid we go hem on dis radio. We kings and we about to do it big real real grandey you know what I am sayin. Yeah lets get dis money and listen to da show ya heard... more

May bad facts we canceled on yall again it's jus we goin through some turbulance don't worry we gon get back. I said dis is going to be da illest radio station an I ain't lyin so stay tunned America we bout to make it do what it do, ya boy Lite... more

I was worried fo a hot mina dat it was gonna be deja vu again but we pulled off the show and it was awsome, you know like the Knicks we finally got a win streak goin. So hopefuly it continues this episode but for all yall who don't know... more

So we trying to straighten things out so goin to break the chain of n missed shows any way we comin through one love sorry again

Mad didn't get a good episode off the ground yet sorry, it was your boy Lok's fault situation done happened yeah, but that's the past dis is the future we gotta to fix our show and it starts with me. So this try number 4 or 5 anyway yall get... more

Yo look i am sorry for the last 3 episodes been just goin through some stuff hope yall understand but this time if all is right with the world. We will have our show on lock yall heard. Again I am sorry for the cancelations we shall make up fo... more

Yeah whats up Amarica Lok hear late again but bout to drop da Saturday episode u already know my man Lite steppin in da neighbor hood doin his thing an we gonna do dis like we do every weekend, sit back and lets get crazy with it. Sorry... more

Yo it's ya boy Lok watchin Cavs game, des losin bad right now hopin des can turn it around dought it but lets get wit dis show here. Lite my boy breakin thro wit nothin but the illest yeah it's Saturday an we got Saturdays lucked last episode... more

My man Lite in da house today last episode mad ill Bang bang. Expect nothing but the best this Saturday we takin the stage and bringing the heat, to hot fo TV so join us while we kick da radio thing down we da future of dis radio thing ya... more