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Heard work surviving in NYC but how I have overcome challenges to make it happen

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Light Dog gonna be on fo sho dis time Folks its gonna be epic alot has happened but lifes chalenges makes u stronger fames, so lets get dis real talk on da road Lite an da kid Lok in da buil;ding fo real shout out my hittas we dem boys

Yo I am late again yo I be on my Gungu pees yo any way Lite Lok we taken over da airways gone be a commone thread yall know every Saturday be wit us as we lite dis big head one

We on late but don't get it wrong we are here was'nt

Yo des time has come finally Saturday me an da kid Lite gone bless da stage given da viewers what des came to see yall know. Tune in we got some real talk to spark dis show up, like we always do on a Saturday yall already know we... more

Yeah heat killin me yall know bout to kick off dis show holla back

Few changes be happening you know in life des always change, Now after Friday there will be no more weekday shows, which means no Lok in da morning for a while. Dis means we gonna make Saturdays shows mad good yo still we... more

All day sorry be late but another off da hissi episode so stay tuned cause we bout to get in dat real talk yeah

Sorry bout dat kid late I know but lets do dis

Da truth is in da buildin we bout to turn things up sorry I was out on da Frizzi Friday but we on full fledge Saturday Lite n Lok in da boilding celebratin hard. Last week was crazy we announced da surprise it just gonna be crazy we... more

Sun crazy wasn't feeling well yesterday dat mixed wit da weather not a good look, so I had rap it up quick but I feel a little better so we gone make it make sense hopefully da weather aint mad hot like yesterday so we see what happens