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Heard work surviving in NYC but how I have overcome challenges to make it happen

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Yp it's dat show we stay busy just saw m y boy Lite he ready to go, dis season two is fire, full of surprises man even I Lok dog dropped in fo a minute. Yo if you don know by now den you should man, it's Lite Wave on da radio da one... more

It's Lite Wave in ya area tell a friend to tell a friend ya heard my boy da master of radio is back, Saturday the show begines and all yall tune in he is back Season 2 full throtel it's gonna be nuts. You all ready know we might have surprised... more

If yall don't know by now den you should man da illest sickest radio show bout to touch down live tomorrow , got my boy on da checkin no one do it better so strap yall selves in we bout to go in like a shark. Lite Wave every Saturday 6:30 pm... more

Yo what it do Lite Wave onh dat radio it's Saturday people we bout to do dat show, yo don't miss it be a part of dis history man, aint never heard anyone nice like my dude Lite dog and da kid KG, Big Push might drop in as always, yo it's... more

Yo it's about to go down, listen last episode was crAZY like you don't understand, this time we taken it to the roof, Season two kid my boy Lite bout to blaze dis thing up, shout you never know who's stopping by weather it be my man KG or... more

Yo Episode 3 Season 2 we hittin hard don't miss a beat Lite Wave on the air this Saturday lets do it last episode got mad rachet dis episode gonn be even better. Nobody does it better wetake care of business yall allready know the new Lite... more

Hay man beginning of season two was hard we bout to take it to the stage yall, now we gon show da world Lites comin back this Saturday to take the stage. New York get ready it's about to go down so hard right now, we makin a movie... more

Wassup everyone we were gone for a minute now were back but this time my boy Lite is gonna take da show and he promises to deliver all the way, if your an old fan we are back new fan come on by but these episodes are about to get... more

It's kid Lok here have good news an bad news, first off bad news we gonna have to close da show fo a bit but we will be workin hard to get dis show back wanna thank everyone fo watchin us but we taken a break yall can still keep up wit... more

Get into it yall it's another throw down episode we gone get things situated in dis peice fo real. My man Lite dog gone be wit us but yall know if he don't da kid Lok gone have to regulate but we gone bring da noise like always real talk word is... more