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Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff Young is exremely honored to be joined by Eric Kirsch and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu. Eric Kirsch, or as many know him Erik Havamal - The Nigerian, is a 2004 Graduate of The Citadel. Eric served as a Counterintelligence Officer and Active Duty NCIS Special Agent in the USMC for 8 years, leaving as a Captain. Eric served two tours in OIF, one tour in OEF, as well as, two more tours to Iraq as a civilian advisor in transnational security. Eric is the CEO of Torchlight USA, LLC. Retired Army Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu was in Gordon Cucullu is a former Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel with more than four decades of experience dealing with the tumultuous region of East Asia, including North and South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia. He is Senior Non-resident Fellow at the Center for Security Policy. His best-selling book, Separated at Birth: How North Korea became the Evil Twin, has been acclaimed as one of the best insights into the convoluted, long-running conflict between South and North Korea. He paints a stark portrait of the dark world of Kim Jong Il's rogue regime, the most egregious human rights violator on earth, and perhaps the only state in history to be supported primarily by illegal and criminal activities. Gordon is recognized as one of the leading authorities on the complex, dangerous threat posed by North Korea through its deadly connections to other American enemies in the war for the free world. We will be discussing both the fight in Iraq against ISIS and the Valhalla Project!! Please do not miss this episode of Warrior Talk Radio. Guest call in number is 646-595-3504!
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Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn welcomes Mike Blackgrave and Erik Shaw!! Mike Blackgrave is the founder of SEAMOK Tactical Solutions. With over 30 years of training, Mike has amassed the following teaching credentials: Goju Ryu Karate... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn is exctied to have the one and only Jeff Young as guest co-host!! Jeff is former Mil Intel, Former Mil athlete, Former Police Officer, Former pro whitewater paddler, Former HRE PSD (Iraq) In-country manager/... more

WTR is back and better than ever! GI Jenn is being joined by guest co-host Brent South! Brent, who also is a contributing writer for Warrior Talk Radio, is a Retired US ARMY RANGER and Air Cavalry Pilot. We have Matthew O'Dell.... more

Warrior Talk Radio is so excited to have brought some amazing interviews from this year's 2015 Shot Show. We have folks on from the Tactical Beard Owner's Club, We Like Shooting, The Green Beret Foundation, Will from Recoil Rifle... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Guest Co-Host Ryan Tate is so excited to welcome Command Master Chief (Ret.) Ron Bellan and 18D Oz Medic. Master Chief Ron Bellan, call sign (Reaper 01), host of a Reaper Outdoors Production... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn and Guest Co-Host Ryan Tate are excited to welcome Jake Healy and Kerry Patton. Jake Healy is the surviving son of Senior Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Dan Healy who lost his life during the Operation... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff Gonzales is so honored to welcome Jen Paquette & Ron Bellan! First, Jen is a Green Beret wife and has been called a ?Team Mom? by many Green Berets. She has been with the GBF since its... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff Gonzales is proud to welcome Joe Crain and Wes Doss to the show! First up, we have Lt. Col. Joe Crane on! Lt. Col. Crane retired from the Marine Corps in 2013 after 24 years of service. He was... more

Warrior Talk Radio with GI Jenn & Jeff are proud to welcome the families of our WARRIORS. All year we honor those who fight for our freedoms, so we felt it only right that on this most important holiday, we honor those who are... more

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