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As above, so below... As within, so without... As the Universe, so the soul... Higher Consciousness.... Do you know yourself???

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It's that time again as we began to explore the zodiac with Dr. Khailfani Rivers. Have you ever wondered what the stars are saying about your rerlationships? Do you know that there is a mathematical equation in the stars which dictates our... more

Paul said, bible makes sense only wnen your mind becomes unnatural. Why it doesn't make sense when you're natural.

Activist, Philosopher, Anti-Drug Crusader, Comedian, Author, Actor, Recording Artist, & Nutritionist Dick Gregory weighs in on the Know Thyself Radio Show as he gives us the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS! Dick Gregory entered... more

You know, when I was in school taking business classes while earning my degree in business, I was taught one main thing about starting a business; "You only go into business to make a profit!" If you are not making a profit, then... more

A proverbs that is familiar throughout the Islamic world, "prayer is better than sleep." reflects the special emphasis on prayer in Muslim tradition

Dr. Ray Hagins Chief Elder and Spiritual Leader of the Afrikan Village and Cultural Center located in St. Louis MO is Back By Popular Demand. Dr. Hagins is an advocate in developing strong communities through healthy and... more

How did Black People in Africa become enslaved by European Whites? Who did they really capture and sell into slavery in America? Why do the effects of this traumatic experience still linger in African American Families today? How can... more

The fascist Romans, was knowledgeable enough, to know they could become God. They made a God in the sky, perfect and holy. But they decorated the character with their own, notorious persona Rome is God of earth.

What is the connection between Voodoo and Christianity? Is there a connection? Are these two similar to one another or opposite? Here in Western Culture, we have been taught to stay away from Voodoo. We have been taught that it was... more

If I had a subtitle for tonight's show, it would be called; "The Blueprint." Tonight's guest Karen Fain, Owner of Fainmous Barbeque located on Houston's Southeast side has uncovered some Powerful information about Houston's... more