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As above, so below... As within, so without... As the Universe, so the soul... Higher Consciousness.... Do you know yourself???

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The Laws of Nature requires balance. There is order, and there is chaos. There is the masculine energy, and there is the feminine energy. There are only nine (9) numbers in the universe (one-verse) with the nine being the ennead... more
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The bible character God is spurious, an allegory which leads away from truth of history. Ironically the bible says a serpent gave Eve knowledge to know good and evil, but God only give her an everlasting curse...umm

When marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado on January 1, 2014, it was projected that there would be a $134 million dollar tax revenue increase from its sale and the School Districts would likely get $40 million or nearly 30% of that... more

No God made heaven and earth in six days --this is known a lie. No God gave a serpent more knowledge avove man--this is a known lie.

Today stress is the #1 killer and the biggest cause of long and short term absenteeism. Science tells us that 86% of all illnesses are caused by stress, which equates to 70% of our annual health care spending on stress related... more

At the inception of Christianity 325 A.D. it usurp the existing civilized utopian religion. That makes Christianity [atheist] because its action expressed disbelief in the truth of natural human life.

Article I Section 10 of the United States Constitution states that; "No State shall make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debt." The green Federal Reserve Note that we now carry were first issued in 1914 right after the... more

The lies of Jesus Christ recoeded in St John 17 a prayer without basi

We are going in on mental, physical, and emotional health this evening with our guest Mother Latrell. Our Health is our Wealth, and without it; "We have nothing else." Know ye not that ye are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God... more

Paleolithic age history long before bible time tells of homo sapiens sapiens human existence. The bible came on proposed revelation saying phantom God created the heaven and earth in six days.

Who is Christ? Or, what is Christ? How do we find the illumination of the Christ Spirit? Is Christ a man or a woman, or both, or neither? Our guest this evening is none other than the "Christ Minister." Join Sis. So'love Shabazz and myself... more