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I'm a minister. Well, sort of. I am no longer a ?minister? of the traditional sense, in that I do not have a full-time job with a church. But, I have always felt the call of God upon my life in ministry, in some way, shape, or form. What is ministry, anyways? I believe it is something we are all called to in some way, no matter what your occupation is. Ministry is simply fulfilling someone else's needs in the name of God. I worked for several years as a Southern Baptist youth minister in Arkansas, and honestly, I loved it. I loved the programming, the worship, the time spent investing life into young people's lives to lead them closer to their Creator. But as of January 2012, I left my post in the SBC for quite a few reasons; the main one being that I am gay. I have always known I was gay, just as I've always known I was supposed to be in the ministry. I spent the majority of my life to date trying to reconcile my feelings and attractions with what I was taught about Scripture. After many, many years of toiling over the Scriptures and struggling with God, I finally came to terms with my theology, my sexuality, and my faith. Which leads me to where I am now. I currently live in Memphis, TN, where I am in the business world, and going to a more mainline denominational church here. I am continuing my journey, my struggles, and battling it out with God as I move forward in life. As part of the 4 paths I have to know about God, I am struggling to live as authentically a I can. I spent so long in the closet, shielding my true identity from everyone, that it takes work every single day to be as authentic as I can be, so that's why this site is here. This is my step. This is a part of the journey. And I want you to join me as well, because journey's are much better when you do not have to travel them alone.
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