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Jill Martin Rische is Dr. Walter Martin's eldest daughter and co-Director, along with her husband Kevin, of Religious Information Network, an umbrella non-profit that includes Walter Martin Ministries ( On April 19, 2010, the FCC awarded Religious Information Network a full power, FM frequency serving Newport, Minnesota, about two miles outside St. Paul. (Minneapolis-St.Paul is the #16 Radio Market in the U.S.!) 88.1 WAJC FM will bring a new kind of Talk Radio to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Dr. Walter Martin is known as the founder of Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man radio program. He is also the author of numerous books, including his 45 year bestseller, The Kingdom of the Cults. In 2008, Thomas Nelson released The Kingdom of the Occult, a project Walter Martin had hoped to complete during his lifetime. This 754 page reference work is co-authored by Jill Martin Rische and Kurt Van Gorden, Dr. Martin's longtime researcher and friend. Dr. Martin has an extensive audio library of teachings on Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, the Occult, Spiritism, the New Age, Buddhism, Eastern Religions, Baha'i, Islam, Unification, and many more--all available at There is also a free Listening Library with new audios added every month. Walter Martin Ministries provides answers to those searching for spiritual direction in their lives. (Many thanks to Dwayna Litz, founder and director of Lighting the Way Worldwide, for her song, "Higher Power.")

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The latest news out of the UK is that the Watchtower has called the people who leave it "mentally diseased." But who is really blind here and who is telling the truth? Is it the Jehovah's Witnesses whose prophecies and practices have never... more

Are Mormons Christians? Everyone from Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck to Fox News hosts and a slew of everyday Latter Day Saints argue that they are, but is this really true or is the Mormon Church engaged in a massive coast to... more

Does the devil know what we're thinking? Can Christians be possessed by demons? What about people who have never heard about Jesus--will they be condemned? Has God withdrawn his promises to Israel? Tonight, Dr. Walter... more

Is there a science of biblical interpretation? How should we read the Bible? What are the dangers of misinterpretation? Tonight, Dr. Walter Martin--the original Bible Answer Man--teaches on how to interpret the Bible.

"To understand the New Age movement, it is necessary that we recognize its ancient roots in the occult. The Bible forbids occultic practices, stating that they draw on satanic power. It describes several different dimensions or realms of... more

Tonight--Walter Martin at his best--answering questions as the Bible Answer Man!

Sean Hannity welcomed New Age guru Roy Masters on his program this week--a disturbing and puzzling decision in light of the mess that is Masters' theology. But why should we as Christians even be concerned about this? Why does... more

Is God in all? Are all in God? Are we nothing but a part of the Christ idea? Dan Brown wrote of secret plots by Gnostic societies in his book, The Da Vinci Code, and The History Channel praises their wisdom--but who are the... more

Dr. Walter Martin, a world authority on Cults and the Occult, once said, "Christians have a real challenge to give reasons for faith and reasons for the hope that lies within us" So why is Christianity the truth and its miracles rooted in the power of... more

So many people live their lives in fear, wondering if some thought or action has deprived them of their chance to spend eternity with God. Tonight, Dr. Walter Martin teaches on the thorny question: Can you lose your salvation? (Tonight... more
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