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Jill Martin Rische is Dr. Walter Martin's eldest daughter and co-Director, along with her husband Kevin, of Religious Information Network, an umbrella non-profit that includes Walter Martin Ministries ( On April 19, 2010, the FCC awarded Religious Information Network a full power, FM frequency serving Newport, Minnesota, about two miles outside St. Paul. (Minneapolis-St.Paul is the #16 Radio Market in the U.S.!) 88.1 WAJC FM will bring a new kind of Talk Radio to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Dr. Walter Martin is known as the founder of Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man radio program. He is also the author of numerous books, including his 45 year bestseller, The Kingdom of the Cults. In 2008, Thomas Nelson released The Kingdom of the Occult, a project Walter Martin had hoped to complete during his lifetime. This 754 page reference work is co-authored by Jill Martin Rische and Kurt Van Gorden, Dr. Martin's longtime researcher and friend. Dr. Martin has an extensive audio library of teachings on Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientology, the Occult, Spiritism, the New Age, Buddhism, Eastern Religions, Baha'i, Islam, Unification, and many more--all available at There is also a free Listening Library with new audios added every month. Walter Martin Ministries provides answers to those searching for spiritual direction in their lives. (Many thanks to Dwayna Litz, founder and director of Lighting the Way Worldwide, for her song, "Higher Power.")

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In tonight's program, Dr. Walter Martin chats with members of the audience about how to defend your faith. It's a rare, relaxed time of learning with the Original Bible Answer Man.

The media's fascination with Scientology is reminscent of the "rubber neck" mentality associated with a fatal accident on the freeway: no one wants to look for the longest time, but suddenly all the awful details are right there in front of... more

Tonight we revisit one of Walter Martin's many guest appearances--this one in Los Angeles on Dennis Prager's talk radio show Religion on the Line. Dr. Martin stands toe to toe with Prager, a rabbi, and a Catholic priest as they debate the... more

The Bible says that we should "set apart" our lives for the glory of God. We should set apart God as the one who occupies the throne of our hearts, and then be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks for the hope that lies within... more

The Bible teaches we are living in the last days, and it is the dual responsibility of the Church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ AND to defend it, a command that often gets lost in the passion for evangelism. As Walter Martin said for so many... more

With a Mormon president on the horizon, it pays to know the theology behind the man...a theology based on good works and eternal procreation on individual planets with a multitude of wives. As kind, decent, and respectable as the... more

What is happening in the church today? Why are soldiers of the cross who should be standing on the promises of God, "sitting on the premises of the church" and doing very little to stop the advance of liberal theology? Men like... more

The science of Biblical Hermeneutics is part of the tradition of the Church--key in the defense of the faith and the spiritual growth of the individual. Tonight, Walter Martin takes a closer look at how to read the Bible for all its worth.

Who is the Holy Spirit and what does it mean to be "filled" with His power? What does the Bible have to say about "Charisma" and should we throw the baby out with bathwater if some misinterpret, misuse or abuse this teaching? Dr. Walter... more

We pray God will bring America to repentance and bless those who trust in Him. Night Watch will return Saturday, July 14 @ 9:00pm CDT.
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