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W.A.L.E.X. TALK RADIO is a independent, creatively driven Internet radio Station and advertising guru that creates strong and provocative relationships between good people, good companies and their customers. We are a Christian based radio talk show dealing with real life issues within our communities and all across the world. Join in on the music and conversation with Alex Hartley Jr, Rondah Nelson AND Ramone Franks every Sunday at 5pm Eastern time.

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After overcoming the obstacles of adolescence, Crystal Victoria redefined her image by creating an opportunity for herself and the younger generation. While growing up in Denton, Texas, she endured many struggles for acceptance and endured a disturbing journey to satisfy the means. Although she was intelligent and had college education, she had difficulty searching for a purpose and maintaining rewarding success. At the age of 25, she found her calling and passion through motivation, business, and writing. Today she is the President of Target Evolution, Inc., and a published author, who loves to read and learn. Her future plans consist of pursuing a doctorate's in Business Administration and Business Law, as well as, continuing to support the young entrepreneurs in the Dallas community and nationwide. From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady, is the book about her life revealing the strong woman behind the business, and how she became the change, she wanted to see. It has been released through AuthorHouse Publishing. Her current book project, The Vicious Cycle, will be released this summer. The Vicious Cycle is a detailed guide of how individuals can rewire the negative mindset associated with jails, prisions, and institutions.
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Ms. Beverly Jones has written a very insightful book on Christianity & the Laws of Attraction and the One Command Now. ~W.A.L.E.X. Talk radio show~ ADVERTISE WITH US! W.A.L.E.X. TALK RADIO is an independent, creatively... more

These people can NOT be true Christians with this type or drama going on in there life 24/7.

Why do we continue to put all of our personal business on social media? Many of us are taking this to far.

What would it have been like to be among the first Christians, whose writings about Christ still influence and inspire us? How can we apply such teachings, observations, lessons and experiences to improve modern life?

The book, How To Win in Life in a Greater Way, is a divinely inspired anointed resource. This resource is a simple, practical, doable, nourishing, sustainable source of relevant, renewable, hope, inspiration, motivation, and... more

Welcome to WALEX Talk Radio. We are an independent, creatively driven Internet radio Station and advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good people, good companies and their customers.... more

To many of us are just living. Like ZOMBIES on earth, walking dead.

Some of us believe we can worship God anyway way we choose to.

Satan has many tricks, using the streets is one of them.
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