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The book, How To Win in Life in a Greater Way, is a divinely inspired anointed resource. This resource is a simple, practical, doable, nourishing, sustainable source of relevant, renewable, hope, inspiration, motivation, and... more

Welcome to WALEX Talk Radio. We are an independent, creatively driven Internet radio Station and advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good people, good companies and their customers.... more

To many of us are just living. Like ZOMBIES on earth, walking dead.

Some of us believe we can worship God anyway way we choose to.

Satan has many tricks, using the streets is one of them.

Whether she realizes it or not, a woman learned much about what men are ?really? like, and how she fits into a world mostly run by men, by watching and listening to the first man in her life, her father. But what if she missed... more

Its going to take some time, but we really need to work on NOT using the N-Word. No matter how we spell it, Lets Bury the N-word!

Sanjay C. Patel demonstrates new and objective proof of God's existence. Through 30 years of analysis and research of ancient texts and scientific discoveries, he presents a major breakthrough in the science vs. spirituality... more

We all have been waiting on some real talk. Well here it is, "TRUTH-TELLING MOE". If you aint ready, you better get ready.
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