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We are BACK! The 2014 Season is in FULL EFFECT with new format, guests and topics! wakeUPgirl.com is a multi-media platform with a mission to INSPIRE WOMEN TO WAKE UP! Through our engaging radio show, nationally recognized Youtube TV channel and blog, we showcase women who are sounding the alarm for all women to WAKE UP and go for their dreams. WakeUPgirl Radio is hosted by Michelle Majors, Cecelia Marlow, Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo and Talena Lachelle. Their unique blend of ideas and personalities offer a well-rounded show with different perspectives and opinions! We educate, inspire and empower women by bringing resources, information and a community of mentor’s to your doorstep, all you have to do is open the door.

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With the epic success of our last show, we decided to finish where we left off! Last episode our co-host Talena Lachelle talked about letting go. We were all in awe of her ability to make a clean break without baggage and anger. And... more

By now, we've all heard Sweet Brown's line, "Ain't nobody got time for that". As we discuss INTEGRITY this month, at some point, we have to be honest about those things and energies that we are wasting our time on. If you are a person... more

If you sound like a broken record, than it's TIME to get it going in life! Are you ready? Isn't time that you launch that business? Isn't it time that you figure out your dream and get it going? Its 2013 and it's time to stop TALKING about... more

How is that we go through life with ALL the ideas, resources and even opportunities to create exponential increase and yet, we get completely stuck! Call it "Paralysis by Analysis" or "Failure to Launch" or simple "Fear", the... more

This special episode features the authors of the book, DUMPED! If you missed them on Dr. Drew, MaryJane Fahey and Caryn Beth Rosenthal are here to talk about there new book and how you can "Get over your ex in record time". In... more

If you want to create a clean slate, you MUST let go of the past in order to create a NEW future. You MUST let go. It's amazing how we hold on to thoughts that keep us limited. We hold on to clothes that don't fit. We hold on to people who... more

If you are going through a period of frustration, anger, rejection, frustration, guilt, shame or any other emotion that is not of RIGHT MIND, then you better listen up. Say thank YOU! This is an opportunity of growth and development that will... more

All we have is NOW! That's it. That's all! And yet…. And yet…. We still feel the shame and guilt of the past and the worry and anxiety of the future. At wakeUPgirl, we want you to WIN the game of life. Life means, work, play, love,... more

Enough said! You've been sleeping for TOO long. Are you being a builder of your dreams or a BUSTER? Are you hanging around dream builders or dream busters? Does your partner support your vision? Do your friends uplift and... more

When you're able to allow people, things and situations to be as they are—without judging them, trying to fix them or wanting to change them—you begin to tap into the immense power of allowing thing to... more
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