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Wake up Call Show

Wake up Call Show


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Perhaps, I should have called this show the RISE OF THE WHITE PANTHERS IN AMERICA. But some would say I am pulling the race card. However, the fact is we are seeing many mobilized organiztions, tea bagging militants that they are no different than what we saw back in the civil right era. People are busting into town hall meetings, hanging lynched pictures of congressman and attacking folks over political difference. Some are using the political points as a cloak to hide their real motives. Propoganda and fearmongering among republican politions and radio host can be heard instingating civil war and violent protest by any means necessary. All across the US of A, so called Right Wing Conservatives groups are looking for an excuse to interupting town hall meetins to protest from everything from health care reform to whether the President is really American. Political violence has taken place in the streets because Rush Limbaugh and others incite the belief that the man (aka government) is going to take us down and put us in camps. Alot of the talk sounds like Greek Mytholigy. Not much other than sagging pants with these conservative gansters than the traditionally gangsta. Violence or threat of it is the same. Once we gave the black panthers a bad rap for standing up for thier political views and giving dissent and now the same sentiment is now being echoed by Right Wingers who threaten to stop the government by any means necessary and bust a cap in anybody who gets in their way. Seems like the GOP are creating a down home Alkida from the heart of the Mississipi to stomping ground of LA. Even the police is jumping on the bandwagon busting heads of poor little old ladies walking with a butter knife, alzhiemer and a cane.